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    1. robbin avatar


      Oct 20, 2014 robbin 0 Comments

      I m crazy to listen and make raps.

    2. Josechelon19 avatar

      Hi! I'm from Spain, but I'm studying in Konstanz (Germany). I've been looking for some tickets for the Munich's show on 13/11/2014 but all tickets are sold. Do you know someone who sell tickets? Pleaasse, this is the only opportunity that I have to see a Linkin Park show :(

    3. Youstycha avatar

      I've just downloaded this song.. it's fantastic! At the very beginning, I didn't expect such heavy sounds. I do like the melody of music box. Great idea. And, of course, amazing guitars, drums and spectacular voices

    4. El Davu avatar

      There's some days when you say that you fell like a shit, later, something magic appears and become your day in the most especial day. Today is one of these days. With the relase of White Noise, the soundtrack of Mall you day change!! This song is very...I don't know what say, this leaves whitout words Just listen... Leave your comments here, I wanna listen your opinions

    5. Sabhya s avatar

      Hey guys I am new here and I wanted to know what's about the points ?

    6. tiamaria avatar

      I have just been on ebay UK and a company called Stubhub seems to have loads of concert tickets for Nov in London and Manchester all selling at more than double the price of normal tickets how do these people get hold of these tickets if you are only allowed 6.

    7. Jasmine_Beltran avatar

      Music is there when you most need somebody .

    8. Lone Wolf99 avatar

      Im a newwbie on the site but i just love Linkin Park! i do hav a ? wat r the points 4?

    9. Eninone avatar

      No doubt music is an important part of life. Everyman listens music according to his/her feelings or experience. How many we listen all types (genres) of songs?(Y/N) [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_popular_music_genres ] Does music affect our mood or we affect music? is debatable. But it is best to have a taste of all kinds of genres. As it will broaden or energize our mind and...

    10. chicarockeralp4 avatar

      mi nombre es andrea garces roble soy de chile y soy una super fanatica de linkin park y tengo dos aƱos menoos que trece jaja bye bye