Hallo an alle,

ich möchte mich erst einmal für eure extrem gute Show auf dem gestrigen Hessen Tag in Oberursel danken. Ich habe es das 4te mal nicht bereut auf eins eurer Konzerte zu gehen und freue mich darauf euch bald wieder zu sehen.

Allerdings gibt es eine Sache über die ich mich beschweren muss.

Die Süd-Afrikanische Hip-Hop Gruppe "Die Antwoord" war die das schlimmste was ich je gesehen habe. Meiner Meinung nach hat so etwas nichts auf einer Bühne zu suchen und schon gar nicht auf einer Bühne als eure Vorband.

Die Bühnenshow war einfach Pervers, Sexistisch und Gewaltverherrlichend und bei aller Meinungsfreiheit so etwas will ich nicht sehen und ich hoffe das mir da viele zu stimmen. Meiner Meinung nach war diese Band FSK 18 und ich weis das Kinder ab 12 Jahren auf das Konzert mit erwachsener Begleitung durften und es schadet auch eurem Ruf bei diesen Eltern wenn ihr solche "Künstler" auftreten lasst.


In diesem Sinne hoffe ich es dass ihr eure Vorbands ab jetzt
sorgfältiger auswählt.


Mit freundlichen solidarischen Grüßen

Oliver Lietz


(sorry my english is very bad)

Hello everyone,

I would first like to thank you for your extremely good show yesterday on the Hessen-Tag in Oberursel. For the 4th time I don't regret to vist your concert and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

However, there is one thing I must complain about me. The Hip-Hop group "Die Antwoord" from South Africa was the worst thing I've ever seen. In my opinion, something  like that has no place on a stage and certainly not on a stage as your opening act. The stage show was simply perversions, sexist and glorification of violence and by all freedom of expression I don't want to see something like that. I hope that many will agree with me there. I am convinced this band is FSK 18 and I know the children over the age of 12 were allowed to go to the concert with adult accompaniment, and it also hurts your reputation with these parents if you let these "artists" may occur.


In this sense, I hope it to offer your support bands from now
carefully selects.


Yours sincerely, solidarity

Oliver Lietz

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Hello to all!

First of all I have to say, that the show in Oberursel was the most thrilling moment in my life.

It was my first LP concert although I'm a fan since Hybrid theory.

For me it could have been longer, but it was so awesome and worth the waiting!

The other point is what Oliver mentioned there... Die Antwoord were just pathetic...

I can remember, that there were about 5 children in my immediate proximity that defenitely were not aver an age of 16!

I don't think that you even need such a band as opener, because Dredg, Anberlin and also Middle Class Rut were aboslutely sufficient.

Nevertheless: Your show was great and a perfect mixture from old and new songs.

The best concert I've ever seen.


Greets, Susann

Hi everyone! 

that was quite a nice concert, although i maybe expected more new songs from Linkin Park and less older people with kids standing around me. To all people that have expected more decency from the forebands i would like to say that, as the moderator mentioned in the beginning, Linkin Park has no idea what "Hessentag" is, thus could not have expected the audience to be so conservative!

I, pesonally, did sympathise with "the Antwoord". I think they are quite talented rappers, but of course not for childrens´ ears. I wish people at the concert standing around me had some more respect for the artists, whose style they don´t understand!

Dear Darya G,

i have no problems with other music styls and respect every artist who stand on a stage and everyone have his own music that he like and i understand that some artist use there lyrics and music styl to provoke. But uf they are talented rappers they shouldn't waste ther talent with shows like this. This is not the way to provoke. Sorry, but I respect your opinion.


Your sincerely, solidarity

Oliver Lietz

(sorry for the bad English)

Darya G said:

"....I, pesonally, did sympathise with "the Antwoord". I think they are quite talented rappers, but of course not for childrens´ ears. I wish people at the concert standing around me had some more respect for the artists, whose style they don´t understand!"

Hey everyone

First I want to say, that was a very great concert! Thank you so much for this night!

I stood at the front but I still do not quite realize that I was really there...

And altough it was wonderful,I still find fault!

"Die Antwoord" I was very shocked! I did not think that you then take a band as opening act!

Maybe they are all very good rapper and make their own music but I found that they were not so well suited,because they are pretty blatant and perverse! For the Younger was in any case,nothing





Hi everyone,

I feel a need to express my feelings with regard to the appearance of Die Antwoord.
I experienced the performance of Die Antwoord as disturbing, sexually intrusive and downright ugly (aside from the simply bad performance). I am used to uncomfortable feelings, but I did not see the point of enduring them with Die Antwoord. They seemed to act out their own psychological traumas and seemed to try to grab attention merely by being extreme. For me it took the break after their appearance to sort out my feelings and brush this intrusion off. Why were we exposed to that? I love LP for their moral clarity and courage to address conflict and suffering. Although these are uncomfortable topics I always experienced LP as healing and striving for truth and clarity. For me, the performance of Die Antwoord contradicted totally those values that LP is standing for. Therefore I am shocked that Die Antwoord could make it into the Projekt Revolution.

I know it is not likely, but I would like to see a statement from LP expressing what they think about this issue.

Best wishes



It was my first (LP) concert & i must say it was amazing :-) I never thought that it would be so great. Thank you for this special moment in my life!  And yes ''Die Antwoord'' was terrible and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought the same .The other bands were better.Much better.I hope I'm able to see LP again. :-)

(Sorry,my english is very bad..)



Hey Folks ;-)

It was my second LP at Oberursel. My first was PR ´08. It was a great show but too short xD 

No it was amazing and the other bands  very good. I liked them. But the Antwoord the biggest s*** I´ve ever seen! Sorry very, very bad!


But i got a question is there anybody out there who will share the download of the show with me when its out?

would be very nice

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