There's an album due but what about touring?

I mean, after years of touring all over the world the guys must be exhausted... tired of buses and overcrowded stadiums and hundreds of thousands of rabid, screaming fans... okay, well never that last one hopefully XD

But back to my point - Yes! My brilliant idea is of course they need a break... maybe just a nice little one night gig at a club or limited-entry venue? Maybe while they're on a one week vacation.... IN BARBADOS!!!!

I can promise you at least two audience members willing to give up their livers to be there... [My friend and I even had a whole discussion about what body part we'd give up... <--the level of our dedication.]

---------------------If someone could say it was even a possibility... I'd eat my shoe. I'd post a video of me on Youtube eating said shoe. One of those cheap rubber flip-flops... with ketscup... make it happen.----------------

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Sorry, I did not read the whole post, but just to let you know... they will be touring this year :)

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