Evening people :) am wondering what you all think of the (awesome) new album?? Was reading earlier of someone who was deserting LP from hereon in cos they didnt like the new album!!!! That disappointed me tbh....all it showed..to me...was that some fans are unwilling to grow and mature along with the music!!!! Every album the guys have produced has been seminal as far as I am concerned....different in turn to the last....but each brilliant in its own way....Mike, Chester and the rest of the guys are amazing musicians and should be recognised as such!!!!!

Maybe some of us are more "sensitive" to what the guys are saying than others...but each song holds a deeper meaning if only you arew illing to open yourself to it.....so what are you favourite tunes from ATS????

Discuss :p

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I really enjoyed A Thousand Suns. I'm happy that LP moved away from their previous sound and tried something different. My favorite songs off ATS would be Waiting For The End and When They Come For Me

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