This is not a review, just my thoughts on the game.

I got an iPod Touch for my birthday a few days ago. The only reason I wanted it was to play 8-bit. I got home, updated to iOS4, begged for the credit card, bought the game, waited for it to download and finally started playing. As a frequent gamer and a big LP fan, i have to say that the game was just average.  Im sure LP fans would be satisfied but it wont bring any new fans to LP.

- its too short (i beat it in an hour an half)
- All you do is go from here to there, give this to him , kill a bunch of ppl and done. No variety.
- I expected some platforming
- No sense of achievement other than Blackbirds.
- Boring as hell
- Too dependent on social networking

What can be done:
-This game requires mini-games, they greatly expand on the overall experience
-Steal ideas from Mario (add some platforming)
-Try to make it into a MMORPG (like maple story) so that ppl have stuff to do even after beating the game.
-make it more difficult
-make ppl buy weapon. That way, they will try harder to earn the currency.
-improve the story line
-Expand upwards (platforming again)
- Get the players into the game (make the world 8-bit first, then it will slowly turn into hi-def as you get more into the game)

What I liked about it:
- A love letter to the fans (it shows that LP really cares about fans)
- Great concept
- Lovely visuals
- Tracks sound beautiful both 8 bit and regular
- The ending track Blackbirds and the video made me drool in awe
- Social networking might just be an excuse to play the game

In conclusion, this game is great for diehard fans, otherwise it is passable. This game will sit on my iPod Touch for a while for the upcoming updates that i was promised.

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