Guys i'am new can you help me out how can i talk to chester bennington please.......

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Order tickets to an upcoming LP show, click "I'm Going" as soon as you can in the "tour" menu (be sure to pick the show you're going to!), and if you're quick enough and really lucky, you'll be picked for a M&G, that you would attend a couple of hours before the show. That's how I managed to do it, although I cannot speak when Chester's around. (I'm way too shy!) :-)

But if you are asking for other ways, I can only say that it's a tough one you're going for. The chance of winning any contest is zero, there are no direct fanmail-adresses (for as far as I know), and messing with the crew is no go with these guys. In my experience, their roadies, roadies in general, are just plain rude (E.g. ignoring me; I've never been approached to peform any sexual acts in exchange for meeting the members, and I've never asked for it myself!), but their security guys who usually protect Linkin Park at M&G's are really nice gentlemen, but really professional though. Puppy eyes and pouty lips won't get you there this time... You need to be very lucky and pig-headed like the Jigsaw killer to win this game, but take it from an expert; although the guys appriciate their fans coming up to them, their crew doesn't. Just make sure you'll get a M&G, and you'll sure to get home undamaged and untouched. Good luck trying buddy! ;-)

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