Don't get me wrong, I LOVE !!!! Linkin Park, BUT....


BUT...  Do they not know about another very famous band that put out an album 2 years ago titled


"A Hundred Million Suns" -- Snow Patrol ????


So,  "A thousand suns" ==> Bad name for the new album, sorry



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Mabye is for the Atomic Bombs, Hav the power of thousand suns, and the guys put part of these in the songs, like, love, destruction and beauti. So, mabye is for this.

My inglish is very band sorrt xD.
Does it really matter? It fits with the context of what they were going for. Read up on Oppenheimer.
Our sun emits coronal mass ejections (CME) that have the equivalent energy of 100 million hydrogen bombs. So, oppenhiemer enthusiast, it only takes 1 (ONE) sun, ours to emit millions of times more energy than a nuclear bomb, and it does this ALL the time. Lookup Coronal mass Ejection on Wiki

And of course it matters or I wouldn't have posted in the first place

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