don't know what the problem is for linkin park to perform live in india also they are on their world tour

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The problem is that as far as i know there are 193 countries in the world and 365 days of the year. LP should be on tour 24/7 to get to every country. I have said this many times and I still think that people should not be mad at them just because they cannot come to their country. As a matter of fact, LP never came to my country (Bulgaria), but that's why I made a trip and went to see them. You could say you cannot afford such trip and i would totally understand you, but don't worry there are so many fans in India and I don't know if it's just rumors, but I heard that LP wants to come to India soon anyway. So as I always say.. be patient. In the end you'll see, it's totally worth it! :)
Hope that is soon, because I have been waiting to see them live since Hybrid Theory.

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