There must be a thousand threads like this already, but this needs to be heard again: You guys are letting a lot of people down with your latest releases.
I know you're all multi-millionaires now by licensing two of your singles to those Transformers movies, so now you get video budgets that rival most sovereign nations' GDP, but that does not excuse you from your duty of advancing/destroying the game like you did pre-2007.
Remember 'Dedicated,' 'Rhinestone,' 'Stick N Move'? What about 'Session' and 'Cure for the Itch'? Perhaps you also remember the entirety of Meteora?

When I heard Minutes to Midnight, I came to the conclusion that you had already said what you'd come to the stage to say and were just fulfilling your contract with Warner Bros. and that this would be the last I'd hear of you (I even amused the thought that the breakdown in "Given Up" was your little gift to your Day-One fans. I mean, it _was_ the only breakdown on the album).

Then, when I saw your new single on the VMA's, at first I did not realize it was you. The sounds I heard were so distant and so detached from what made you great in the underground; what made you what you are today, that I was certain I was hearing yet another flash-in-the-pan label band. Then, the next morning, as I was flipping channels, I saw that band from the VMA's again, this time being interviewed by MTV's newest hot personality, who introduced you as Linkin Park.
I was offended to hear that.

Now, for the solution. Let Mr. Han back into the band. Sure, he's technically ''in the band,'' but if he is, it is not apparent. Gone are the cuts and samples that gave Linkin Park a distinctive swagger that set it apart from the rest of the bands that write songs about angst.
I know it's easy to write songs for the hyper-insulated Top 40 crowd. They'll literally listen to anything. Have you heard Tic Toc? They play that song on the same stations that carry you. View that as a yellow flag. No, a bright red, burning flag.

Remember your roots. Lonely kids with minds that are their own worst enemies. The kids that can't say what they feel, no matter how badly they want to. The kids who can't break out of the life they've been dropped into, so they let their headphones take them away to a place where someone knows who they are. They're still here, and I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

I hope you guys read this. You were a great part of my life during the worst of times. If you're not too big-rich-n-busy to post a reply for a guy who's been a fan since the days when you had a street team instead of a record label, I'd like to hear from you on this subject.

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Mr Hahn has left LP?
Still waiting, here. Bump-a-rooney.
Nice comment, by the way.
Hahn still has major duties in the band, he has just asserted himself in a more practical way than he has in the past.
You seriously can't hear Mr. Hahn's extensive influence and contribution to this album? I think this is their most sophisticated album so far and part of the reason for that is Mr. Hahn's genius. As for this new sound and LP not remembering their roots, don't you realize that lonely kids eventually grow up? Most do, anyway.

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