I really noticed something...

Every final songs in every album sounded like the following album...

In Hybrid Theory, Pushing me away sounded different...

then i heard Meteora, it was a bit like Pushing Me Away...then Numb!

It slowly progressed and Numb was like a part of MTM.

Same pattern, MTM's The Little Things Give You Away got some same sounds in ATS in the Bass and Chester's Voice...

Then ATS? The Messenger was far from being like ATS.

The 5th Album is totally going to be epic then?

I do miss shouts and aggresion but meaningful songs are better.


Don't judge me with sarcasm!
If you find it wrong then just tell me. Just hit my head.

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:D No need to hit your head :D It's a thought, although to me, Numb very much fits the Meteora album, better than Minutes To Midnight. :) But as for the others, you may have a point? :) I like the idea, anyway :)


Have a nice one! :)

The Messenger has only piano, vocals, and guitar... mostly sounds acoustic... then a new genre will be created by LP!!!! 

can't wait for the next album!!!!!

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