A question for long time fans: want to know the dates/etc on DC LP Axel shoes


When I was part of LPU in the beginning, there was the opportunity to by DC shoes, designed by LP and marketed through the fan club.  I don't know the exact date.  I have an original pair, never worn, still in the original box, size 6.5 (8.5 womens) that are black/charcoal.  the model is the LP AXEL.  Does anyone know anymore details about these shoes?  Were they widely available?  Looking to possibly sell them but more than anything, just want more info on them.  Help?

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6.5, wow. I still have mine as well. Unworn in box. All I remember was they sold pretty quick. I never saw them in stores.
Yeah, I never did either.  The black rubber has faded a bit, but otherwise, in perfect condition.  I know they were pretty rare, I never really wore them because I didn't like the extra padding (they were DC shoes, duh LOL).  I'm just "cleaning out my closet".
i don't know about the shoes specifically, but you could probably look them up on the DC website and see what the cost was. that will help you figure out a base point to sell them with (especially if you want to sell them on ebay).
thank you!  Didn't even think of that one.  Your advice is very appreciated.

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