"A Thousand Tides"

Floating in the waves of a thousand tides

Rediscovering the truth in between the lines

Failure and lies try to ground you deeper

Breaking through the unknown open up

this vision as you are the seeker

Tilt your head higher into the sky

Pour the water drops onto your wings as the sun

burned them which caused the fire

No longer bounded by your guilty desires

The only question remains is to why your still here alone

On your own you survive by taking the steps to arrive to

the place of where you belong

It won't be that long of a time

Built up the hope that was gone so the shine can come again

The pain that was leftover has disappeared

Another door

A new dream

Between the loss and the unseen this pathway has cleared

No longer we are scared as we begin all over again

Drain out the weight and take out the shame

Will you remain as I'll want somebody to lift me up into the skies when

the end tries come down on us

Escape from what has made us feel lost

The cause of this isn't very far

Here we conceal these scars that have vanished by now

Everything is silence,there no sound

No longer stuck in this state of shock 

Here we'll unlock the answers that will help

us lift our feet above the ground

We are all living in our own dreams 

Take a look around 

Everything doesn't seem to be the same 

Since you've lifted your arms beyond

You can feel you have changed

What you think?

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Good lyrics!! Nice work! Kepp going! ;)
Very nice :) I don't know if LP approved though :P (in the sense that LP would do it.... lol)
That's really great.

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