Hey LP Fans, so after listening to the entire album how do u rate it, n what's your favorite song in it. for me I'll defenitly give it 08/10, I think they just toke it to the next level n maybe they brought to us a new genre, n my favorite song is "Waiting For The End", I just can't get enought of it.

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well I mean "when they come for me" of course

Delilah said:
I would just quote "waiting for the end" (and repeat another fan's note)
"Cos' even a blueprint is a gift and a curse
Cos' once you got the theory of how the thing works
Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first...Try to catch up mother fucker". obviously this young man prone to insults has different problems than just the acoustic guitar on ATS. If he pukes while listening to music, maybe he should get treatment for a stomach bug... well for those who don't catch up (and don't get it) so be it. LP do what they wanna do, always have, if they hadn't done that, Joe Hahn would wear a cowboy hat and Mike would just play the keyboard. now that wouldn't have worked.

Storm_Rider00 said:
Another Hybrid Theory Dick Muncher.

lupe garcia said:
i have lost all respect for linkin park since i listened to a thousand suns.
the catalyst...all i could say is...ZOMG, this is sooooo fucking gay.
god bless us??? REALLY??

i feel sorry for all the dumbasses that bought this album.
i actually waited until they performed at the VMA's that when i turned off the tv, walked to the bathroom, puked, then went and listened to hybrid theory to take the gayness away.

fuck linkin park's fag lovers that like this shit...

that is all.


Yes, it should have been Goddamn you instead
Just jump off the LP train because they're not going back. Catch up or nut up and fuck off.
That is all.

lupe garcia said:
ask me how much i care what you think?
go on.....ask..

i lack care.

Apparently you also lack Common Sense.
Waiting 4 the end , blackout Iridescent <3
i love the album its great, its just people who don't understand it, haven't grown yet to know the meaning of the album,
its like the want linking park to stay in there HT days, i cant imagine linking park today as there where back then,

the album is great everything about it is just amazing, ! HELL YEAH LINKIN PARK FOR LIFE BITCH !
the new album is stupid, honestly i prefer hybrid theory and meteora i prefer the old linkin park. but "the catalyst" and "waiting for the end" are good songs

Rodrigo Ventura said:
Fuck Rick Rubin, when I knew he was one of the major influences of LP change, i hated him... come back Don Gilmore!!! please!!!

You know what? Forget Don Gilmore, forget Rick Rubin. Let LP just produce the next one themselves. Mike seems really capable.
I love the album and my fav. song of it is "Waiting for the end", "Burning in the skies" and "Wretches&Kings" :)
great ablum. i like the fact that they went in a differnt direction, my favourite songs would have to be, blackout and waiting for end. and i definitly like the music video for it. All in all id give it a 9/10.
Nice album, but not better that the old works, but yes better that MTM... so, 6/10 keep working, I would like that you get back to your old style, but you shouldn't consider my opinion or that of the others, you have to be happy with the music you do , think about you and not about the fans, that's the important, enjoy your music! DO WHAT YOU WANT, AND NOT WHAT YOUR FANS WANT...
Kenny B said:
My honest opinion? The album was completely and utterly terrible.
Now I don't want any of you people saying "oh you can't say its terrible just because you don't like it". Truth is, I can. Judging any kind of art, whether it is music or a painting is subjective and if you consider it terrible, then it is, for you. Others who said "oh it's cause you didn't pay attention to the lyrics". Here is another revolutionary idea, MUSIC IS NOT ALL ABOUT THE LYRICS! There is more to it, for example rhythm and beat. If you excel at one but fail at another, you haven't made a good song.

Oh and I love how some of you said that this new album is for mature audiences. What the hell is that suppose to mean? I can make the same silly argument saying that their old music was considered stronger and darker so its intended for more mature audiences, while this new stuff is too soft and intended for young Bieber fans. And since when was their old music considered childish? To even make such a statement is absurd. None of these styles (new or old) should be considered more "mature" than the other so just throw that argument away.

As someone previously said, don't fix what is not broken. Sure, LP will have new fans with their new music but as it can be clearly seen on these forums and even youtube comments, there is a lot of anger from the older fans for changing their style. There are many bands that are even older then LP that continued the same style of music for years and have always been loved for it so LP did you really have to change?

Let's spin the situation here. Let's just say Linkin Park STARTED with this album instead of Hybrid Theory. Would they be where they are now? I think not. So how about it LP? Why don't you go back to your old style of music where the original fans made you to who you are today.

I just want to close off by saying there were only two albums out in the world that I enjoyed EVERY song from. That was Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Now I love you guys but I am sad to have to say that I hope this album doesn't sell for you guys and it becomes a complete failure. Maybe then you guys will get the message on what your fans really want but until then I am not gonna buy a single LP song.

First of all, the maturity question. Rather than keep using repetitive distortion-heavy guitars on each song, they chose to expand their creativity and express their angst in other ways: Making heavy music without heavy guitars, making rap-rock which doesn't sound like nu-metal. That is musical maturity, finding new ways to augment your art. As for lyrics, do I really have to elaborate? If you can't notice what's staring at you in the face, that's your problem.

As for other bands, those are OTHER BANDS and Linkin Park is LINKIN PARK. 'Don't fix what is not broken' is a business practise, it cannot be applied to music/art. So stuff that in your pocket. Why paint the same picture for ten years simply because you don't want to piss off record labels or fans who basically want you to sell out to them? And who are you to say this album wouldn't have been successful at first? It's not like you have a giant crystal ball predicting alternate events.

Sorry to burst your third bubble, but it is silly to use the "we made you great" argument as leverage to control them, as a good fan said, 'you enjoyed Hybrid Theory while they did what they wanted, then why should you expect them to stop doing that now, probably so you can keep spending money on them'.

Then again, not every Linkin Park fan wants countless recycled versions of 'Hybrid Theory'. And wishing for your band to fail?! That's how a real LP hater should talk. Sorry there, This album got #1 in 15 countries, is heavily commercially featured, ranked #1 on billboard, has the first ever song to debut at #1 on the rock charts, and is more critically acclaimed that even 'Hybrid Theory' or 'Meteora'. So get up to date before you raise your hopes.

I will close by quoting another good fan: "If you are the same person you were ten years ago, with the same views of life, the same interests, the same mannerisms, then you have not developed or grown at all. But if not, then what gives you the right to expect others to do so, least of all a group of widely travelled musicians who have drawn inspirations from numerous sources and experiences?". God bless us, if this is what LPN has become, then this should no longer be considered a Linkin Park fan site, especially with people like you on every blog post.
Storm_Rider00 , i agree with you 100% , if people are still looking for linking park to be the way they where 10 years ago , are far from mature, everyone needs to grow up and understand that they are in there 30's they have a completely
Other out look on life and have other interests in things, those things are no longer jumping and screaming like a bunch of morons.

i love the new them, i became a fan of theres since " One step closer" so i grow up with them even though i'm only 21,
but i understand their point and i support them all the way. * HELL YEAH LINKIN PARK FOR LIFE * ( runs down street naked ) lmao yeah i'm mature.
don't you guys ever miss the energy that they had in there live shows? like on live in texas? I mean yea I do like ATS, and I think the new album is better than MTM cos theres more variety in the album and also there ATS world tour (from vids Ive seen on youtube.com) seem more packed with energy than the MTM tour, but don't you guys at all miss when these guys were jumping all over the stage and Mike's awesome Emcee-ing ? like when he would say stuff like "ladies and gentlemen, Mr Hahn!" or he would like get the pits started?

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