Hey LP Fans, so after listening to the entire album how do u rate it, n what's your favorite song in it. for me I'll defenitly give it 08/10, I think they just toke it to the next level n maybe they brought to us a new genre, n my favorite song is "Waiting For The End", I just can't get enought of it.

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Something lacks from ATS is the songs are too few (only 9 songs with 6 filler tracks). After I listen to it, I feel like "I want more songs". It's like I'm eating delicious food but I'm still hungry after that.

Anyway, I think the album is surprising, unpredictable, creative, and cool. It deserves 80 from 100.

Pertinent and to the point as always, Stormrider. Can't say it any better.


Somehow Blackout or kings and wretches doesn't sound to me like something backstreetboys would do. but maybe i'm wrong.

Storm_Rider00 said:

gils said:

I like almost every kind of music and I respect the fact that some people just have other tastes than others.

I'm absolutely not a die hard metal fan considering the fact that that aspect in their new music has mostly been vanished and is a big reason for a lot of people to dislike the new album.

This said, I'm not responding to people who really do like the new album a thousand suns, I'm just responding to the question how do you rate the album. In my opinion even dolphins making love could produce a better sound than 9/10 of the album does. I really however did like their older stuff, energetic, moving and most important catchy. As with the new album it is like i'm listening to some kind of mix of a naturesounds and backstreetboys cd.

But like i said, many people liked backstreetboys too, and i accept that. It's just too bad that a band creating such good sounds must change, even though they were doing great. Why change if it is good the way it is? As for Linking Park i guess most of their fans will start listening to Limp Bizkit that has started producing music again and other people will start listening to Linkin Park. As for the best song of their new album, rating it on a scale from 1-10 where every song on hybrid theory is on 9 or 10 i rate the Catalyst as best song with a 6

Agreed, you don't like it. But I'm tired of hearing "Why change if it works". Music is art. Songs/Albums are usually likened to to paintings or pictures. An artist can change the picture or the story depending on what suits them. It's not Google Earth or some computer app in which each new version must be largely identical to the last. It's fine to tell McDonalds not to switch to electronics if their burgers still taste good, but telling musicians not to use synthesizers unless their guitars are broken is a different thing entirely. They are called 'artists' not 'music retailing companies' for a reason.
totally agreed...it's new, it's fresh ..yes sometimes real creepy..yet gotta love this album. My fav is 'When They Come For Me' & "Iridescent".....though gotta say one thing...its not that much energetic, powerful enough. .Their first 2 albums created such hype that now our expectations have gone real high so sometimes i feel bad about that old style...still how many can create such sound breaking that huge ground breaking establishment? .....only LP \m/

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