Hey LP Fans, so after listening to the entire album how do u rate it, n what's your favorite song in it. for me I'll defenitly give it 08/10, I think they just toke it to the next level n maybe they brought to us a new genre, n my favorite song is "Waiting For The End", I just can't get enought of it.

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I 3rd you Brandon. ;D

Kamel LP said:
100/100 I agree with you. Brandon R. Keto said:
The album is great, it's just people like no name and funseekin4life don't see the art and the concept behind it. Either way the songs are amazing. 9/10
This album was a huge disappointment, there really isnt even any true rock songs on the albums, catayalst is just a very generic song and any of the others that were remotely ok were slow songs, the best song on there was The Messenger, and that was an acoustic song by chester, yes, an acoustic song on a LP album, that really should tell you all you need to know about it, then there is that just really unfortunate song where Mike is basically giving a middle finger to the fans because we have the acdacity to ask them to make good music like they used to. Guess what, its because that is when you were actually good, they shit is just meidocre at best. 15 tracks and there isnt actually a song until track 3? Just a really really weak effort, LP is dead. 3/10
I'm not bashing this because its not new Linkin Park. I'm bashing it because the music is terrible and talentless. Yeah, electronic is awesome and impressive when one or two people are involved. But an entire band who used to use every ounce of creativity they had? That's bullshit. They once utilized every element they had available.
People have the right to be pissed because we, the fans, are the ones who bought the cd's, merch and concert tickets to get their asses to where they are today. And what do they do? Experiment? Not really. This shit's being done, and the music isn't popular for a reason.
I don't know why but somehow I found u so funny, common u calling yourself Fan (that's the real bullshit to me) n u crying for few dollars u bought the album with it, n plz don't tell this album doesn't deserve it I believe that they work hard in this record, I know they take a risk with changing there style but it work for me, I sure that LP could bring to us Hybrid Theory V 2.0 easily (with less work than what they in ATS) but they didn't, this band always love bringing somethings new n u gotta accept this fact, if u can't than all I'm asking is just stop calling your selfs Fans (it make me sick).

Rafael said:
I'm not bashing this because its not new Linkin Park. I'm bashing it because the music is terrible and talentless. Yeah, electronic is awesome and impressive when one or two people are involved. But an entire band who used to use every ounce of creativity they had? That's bullshit. They once utilized every element they had available.
People have the right to be pissed because we, the fans, are the ones who bought the cd's, merch and concert tickets to get their asses to where they are today. And what do they do? Experiment? Not really. This shit's being done, and the music isn't popular for a reason.
I think that the new album is amaizing something new and different, just great :D
I give them 10/10

My favourite song is "The Catalyst" and "Blackout" i hear once and other time xD

Sry for the english xD
Yo bud, I'll keep this brief because - let's be frank - we both have better things to do than argue about music on a forum.

1 - It's a fine line. It is possible to expand in the same genre without recreating the same album, but things can get really samey after a number of albums. really, when you're penned into certain parameters defined by a genre, it's only a matter of time before you start repeating yourself, and that's where I was going with my U2 analoge.

2 - I didn't compare LP to U2 - what I did was I used U2 as an example of /what could happen/ if LP basically penned themselves in (see above). And about your last line; do you really think it would be good for LP to get to the point where their albums start to become boring because they've stuck with nu-metal? I'd really rather see them jump ship now, leave two great albums in that genre, and move on, rather than having them wreck their reputation as stalwarts of Nu-metal because the quality of their albums in that genre started to go downhill. If they make bad albums in a different genre, then hey, that's a different phase of their career and you can chop and change it all you want.

3 - Eh, whilst the 'cool-ness' of Nu-Metal is subjective, I'd argue that it's fairly redundant in today's music climate. There are simply less Nu-metal bands out there, and those that are out there don't get as much attention as other musicians do. Of course, it'll come back into vogue at some point, but it's been on the sidelines for the last 5 years or so.

And I'll end with this - I think an important factor in why people dislike the album (apart from those that just don't like the sound), is that they can't connect with it, because they've moved on as people. I'd lie if I said I still felt the same rush, the same bond when i listen to 'somewhere I belong' as I did when i was 13/14, and really, I think it's the same for a lot of people. When you make music that's so context sensitive, you always risk losing fans because they and you simply move in different paths, and diverge in terms of what issues you want to yell about.

But it's fair enough, if you dislike the album, that's fine - I wasn't saying in my post that you must love the album, I was just putting a reasoned defence up, because a lot of people are throwing accusations around that the band really don't deserve, and the defence is otherwise fairly flimsy, largely comprising of insults, and that's not cool. So chill out everyone, if you don't like it, have your say and go your way, if you do, stick around. Eh.

Kenny B said:
I can actually rebuttal almost your entire comment...

1. You and others shouldn't said some fans are awaiting Hybrid Theory v3.0. We want the same genre not almost exactly same album. If HT v3.0 was even a valid statement, then any band that kept making new albums in the same genre simply made v?.? of their original album. And as well all know, no one really thinks that way.

2. Your U2 comparison is quite terrible. In fact, U2 has more than double amount of albums in comparison to LP. Not to mention the fact LP already changed up their style a bit with Reanimation, Collision Course, and MtM. Honestly, it won't hurt them to make a few more nu metal albums because they clearly haven't made that much of them. In other words, it didn't even get a chance to get boring or played out like U2 got.

3. Nu Metal was cool then and it is still cool now. It didn't show even a sign of aging after Meteora came out. Numb, Faint, Breaking the Habit, and others were great hits. In addition, those 12 year olds you mentioned are quite a large percent of currently grown and disappointed fans commenting here, youtube, and other sites. Constantly I see youtube comments saying things like "LP was so much better back then" with a bunch of thumbs up. There are also a lot of people who are disappointed and don't even bother commenting. On a personal account, I mean literally almost all of my buddies liked LP, and now they say the new album is terrible. You see, the demand for nu metal is there, you just fail to see it.

Now I don't mean to flame you as you are entitled to your own opinion. However, claiming Nu Metal/old LP style as not interesting and overplayed (comparison to U2) is totally false and I had to step in and say something.

What I don't understand is that clearly majority of the people here agree that Hybrid Theory and Meteora were really good albums but ATS has very mixed feeling, yet still defend it. Why not just make almost everyone happy and make another Nu Metal album? What is the wrong in doing that? Clearly majority of LP fans will like it and there wouldn't be such a fuss. There would always be some but not to this degree.

Chidona said:
Okay, so I remember in the bad ol' days of MtM when people bust a nut because we didn't hear Hybrid Theory v3.0


Fair enough, you've got your opinion on the music, you've aired it, and now you can move on, safe in the knowledge that you don't like the new direction. But a little defence is probably necessary, and it's really quite simple to show.

So, one way to differentiate musicians is to discern between those that are relevant, and those that aren't. For example, right now The Arcade Fire are a relevant band in the current music climate - their latest release is simply wonderful, it's innovative, it's moving, it's just really good stuff. Then you have the U2s. Now, U2 was relevant about a million years ago, when Bono still had hair, but they kind of fell into the trap of making the same album over and over - basically what some people here are asking (DEMANDING ARGH). Even their fans started to thin out after a while, twigging onto the fact that U2 had basically plateaued a while back, and everyone's fears were confirmed when no line on the Horizon was released to yawns worldwide. Simply put, they lost their relevance, and people don't give two craps about what music they produce anymore.

LP had relevance in a massive way when they released HT like, 10 years back. When nu-metal was still cool, and when most of us were still 12 and angry at our moms or whatever teenage stuff we were going through. HT spoke to us, and then Meteora spoke to us again (and briefly brought Nu-Metal back from the grave, which was pretty good going). But, Nu Metal is gone now. When was the last time any pure Nu-metal band got any serious attention from the music media? Go ask your Grandad. MtM was, by and large, mediocre. However, it did show that LP realised that they couldn't just churn the same ol' crap out again and again - although the fans may splooge, we'd eventually twig onto the con.

A Thousand Suns is a really well accomplished piece of work. It sounds coherent, there's a distinctive message, and the beats are nothing less than savage. Okay, it's not big guitars, Mike's rapping is starting to take over and the lyrics focus on issues beyond the home unit, but it's something which is sonically interesting and an overall absorbing body of work which shows LP as a band that isn't afraid to cut what they're used to and run with something completely different. Indeed, bands have done the same before - look at REM and their transition between Out Of Time and New Adventures in Hi-Fi, and that pissed a lottttt of people off, but also gained them a lot of respect and influenced a raft of musicians. So, hey, you've got your opinion, I've got mine, and that's cool, we can agree to disagree - but it has to be noted that this was a necessary step to take if the band wanted a shred of dignity.

Besides, the packaging is all shiny so I don't know what y'all are bellyaching about.
Im going to give my own opinion on this CD...GARBAGE....HORRIBLE...DISGUSTING...Seriously is this LP? Sounds Like Crap...waited 3 years for this? SMH...I plan on burning,spitting and pissing on this CD since il get more enjoyment out of it since I cant get refunded on it!
Loved it. Already looking forward to more music!
2/10 Because that's about how many "decent" songs there are. The Catalyst is probably the best and the only song with any serious energy. "Blackout" had energy and then seemed to become confused with what it was and went back to light singing.
I haven't posted in this forum.. in a long time, and I am talking about last time I posted was in 2007. I been a member since 2002, (yes was here when the site was still just the regular LP site + when it got redone to Reanimation).

While I have seen the band change, I still see the same arguments among LP fans. This time around though I think the fans have every right to be upset about this album, while the argument of the 9 vs 15 tracks is somewhat valid, if you really took the time to do your math

Hybrid Theory had - 11 tracks (1 instrumental)
Meteora had - 10 tracks (1 intro / 1 instrumental)
MTM - 11 (1 intro)
ATS - 9 tracks (1 intro / 5 filler tracks)

So we lost 1 track? That's not something to be complaining about, but if there IS one thing to be complaining about is the fact the "entity" known as LINKIN PARK, is not as prominent in this album. And why is that? Because the merchandise, sound, image, that LINKIN PARK sold to us "the consumer" / "the fan" was that of a rock band. Now most of you should know by Reanimation alone (and not by venturing on your own and listening to actual nu-metal / metal / hard rock bands) that LINKIN PARK is NOT a rock band. Many of you should've seen this coming past Reanimation. I actually do like this album alot more than MTM, but in retrospect of hearing the album, while I like to blame the fact it's because I've grown up (maybe, because the new Iron Maiden album captivates me more than this album, and I am a late Iron Maiden fan), I do feel this album has alienated the fan base that brought them to be the known entity as "LINKIN PARK". Now, let's take out the fact this is NOT Linkin Park.. and we decided to call it "Hybrid Theory: A Thousand Suns" as a new band, I would really like this album and think it's something new, and weird. It probably wouldn't catch my attention at the beginning (just like Hybrid Theory didn't) but I'd venture into more easier familiar songs and continue experimenting with the newer stuff. Some of you "fans" should try that concept, but I don't blame you if you desire not to as it is unfair to be fed one thing for so long, hoping for them to "advance" on that sound but instead they did not. They decided to completely embrace the fact they are not a rock band, but instead has led to a big outlash among the community, and by far the biggest one I've seen.

When Reanimation came out: "OMG, it's all rap!! >=/ Where's the rock in LP!" "It's too soon for a remix album.. where's our follow-up"
When Meteora came out: "Seriously? Hybrid Theory again? Come on we want newer material!!! WE WANT THE EXPERIMENTAL LINKIN PARK >=/"
When Minutes To Midnight came out: "It's too soft... it sounds like they are trying to be like U2, seriously wtf is this?"

And now ATS: "Where's the ROCK !? WE WANT THE OLD LP BACK >=/" <--- sadly this is the only argument I have to say has some validity. While the other 2 were just upset fans because either they were too picky, or couldn't embrace some aspects of LP, the one thing that LP cannot stray away from is the word "rock" even if it tries to "emulate it" LP was the only band in this world that could emulate it in a way that Hip Hop could blend with it. Regardless that other bands have copied their genetic and structure, only LP could've surpass and brought us something fresh and new to the rock world.

If ATS is the new definition of "Rock", I will seriously start boycotting this band lol.
@MegaManX2: Excellent post!

Honestly, I'm starting to wonder how the six of them think about the harsh criticism and the profound controversy their most recent work has caused amongst LP fans.

I can very well relate to the fans being angry and frustrated out of disappointed expectations. It seems like the band they have been loving and supporting for years is now heading in a direction a lot of them are not willing or able to follow. They must feel betrayed in a way and let down by their favorite band and I wonder if the guys of LP have anticipated that when they made this record.

On the other hand, I totally understand that LP wanted to try something new instead of repeating themselves. It takes a lot of courage to be willing to piss of a lot of your loyal fans in doing so - and I consider the people not loving the new record fans none the less. After all, it should be respected that LP valued their artistically freedom more than the expectations of whomever.

Now, making a record a lot of fans dislike is one thing but the big challenge will be communicating the new work live on stage. Because LP is dedicated to play their new stuff they're proud of and have worked on several years. And in fact a lot of fans actually do like the new stuff not because it's LP but because they like it. I hope that by putting up a good performance LP will be able to convince some of their critics that the new stuff actually works especially in the context of a live show having to mix old and new sound. I'll be there on the 22nd of October to see for my self.

Personally, I too was confused and disappointed when I first listened to their most recent work. However, the sound stuck in my head and I realized that this in not a record to pick single songs out of it but to experience the whole album as an entity. I find myself listening to A Thousand Suns over and over again during the last days and I have to admit that I'm doing so because I really like the record. In fact, I did not listen to Minutes To Midnight that much although songs like Given Up or What I've Done are what I truly love LINKIN PARK for.

So like or dislike the new album, give your opinion but do treat the six of them with respect since this still IS LINKIN PARK!

I want to call bullshit on one part.

While there were people complaining about Meteora, it was nowhere to the same degree as MtM or especially ATS. It can be clearly concluded that Meteora and Hybrid theory satisfied the most amount of fans. Reanimation (which I liked but I see why people would complain), Collision Course, MtM, and ATS were too large of changes. Almost completely different genres. Bands like Distrubed or even Sum 41 change up the style in their albums but keep the same type of genre. That's what LP should stick too/

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