Hey LP Fans, so after listening to the entire album how do u rate it, n what's your favorite song in it. for me I'll defenitly give it 08/10, I think they just toke it to the next level n maybe they brought to us a new genre, n my favorite song is "Waiting For The End", I just can't get enought of it.

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So I've bought the album yesterday, I have listened to it for 5 times now...and the RESULT IS: for me ATS is dissapointing album really.
As I give HT 8/10 (It was a shocker when I first heard it in 2000 with all the hits like One step Closer and Mike's rappin' and Chester's screamin'),
Meteora 9/10 (Numb and Somewhere I belong probably the best LP songs forever for me, and MANY other awesome songs, almost no weak song there),
MTM 7/10 (A little bit dissapointing but still true art pieces like What I've done, No more Sorrow (yeah what a power song!), Given up, Bleed it out and others)...
.And now ATS: I give ATS only 5/10..the only really BIG song for me is The Catalyst and maybe Wretches and Kings with rappin and screaming, that is pure old Linkin PARK as we like it...another couple of good songs are:
Burning in the skies - nice one, nice lyrics, reminds me Shadow of the day from MTM ,
When they come for me - strange with oriental sounds and Mike rappin' and Chesters chorus is very good,
Robot boy is nice one
Blackout is cool (Chester screaming!!!! Yessssss!!!!)
BUT let downs:
Waiting for the end - what the fuck is THIS? It is POPPY slow shit song...
Iridescent - another WEAK dance poppy
Messenger - average slow instrumental, that's not LP
And all the short ones - Requiem, Radiance, Empty spaces, Jornada del muerto, Wisdom, Fallout - really meaningless sounds, not songs(in true meaning of song)
OVERALL: 2 strong songs, 4 (very) good that makes 6 out of 15 (but more like out of 9 because the short ones are not songs...), that makes
it 5/10 average album (I could give it 4/10 or 6/10, it depends on what you expected, so it let it on 5/10).

I stay still LP fan, they are good guys and still best band for me, but I expected more (especially after I heard Catalyst and Wretches and Kings...)
LP please do more powerful nu-metal songs again, STOP experimenting with electro/poppy/gayish/alternative sounds!!!

Yours [10 year LP fan]
Dave from Czech republic
Alright I have not been listening to Linkin Park for as long as some people but they were the first band i ever really listened to the first album I ever bought (Hybrid Theory) and they inspired me to write music I only hope that one of these days they will wake up and realize what everyone loves them for. Hate on me if you wish. As for ATS anyone who says its good maybe it is I have listened to it and the music itself may not have been too bad but i did not hear Linkin Park at all.
2/10 and thats just because some lyrics resemble them
i think that if lp brung out a second single from ats and at the same time a song being similar to the ones on hybrid theory or meteora that one would be sold way better. and that´s why i think a lot of people "get along" with the new album: ´cause it´s lp - but what all of us really made fans of their gorgeous music was a sound like the one the older albums
Have to disagree...surely they would have bought into the commercialism if they had done what they had done previously with HT/Meteora....the guys have tried something different from what has gone before....pushed the boundaries....exactly the opposite of the commercial trends!!!! And I think they have produced an amazing album full of evokative music...OK I conceded and never expected EVERYONE to like it...but everyone is entitled to their own opinions...the question is are you willing to respect other peoples opinions???

Francisco Llanas Jr said:
was that misspelling intentional? they just "toke" it to the next level? I swear to god, it's like you have to be high to enjoy this album. I can't believe the liner message was like "every song is like a hallucination" suggesting maybe they're into drugs now? How sad. I'm dissapointed and angry they came out with this album. M2M was a decent departure, but when you depart, you COME BACK or you lose the message. they're not carrying the fire anymore. they've bought into the s**t they claimed to never get caught up in: the commercialism. They lost me with this album. and judging by some of the other posts, I'm not the only one. the least they could have done was call it something other than "Linkin Park" because that is exactly what it is not. Remember "Crawling?" remember "What I've Done?" that band is dead. . .
oh dudes! i'm afraid when i'm reading the contras... it's full of hate and not really constructive!
if you don't like the new album you should have to give reasons and not only say "fuck off" or something else!
ok... some of you give an explain, but the most can't say why they hate.
i agree with the people who said that this is another interpretation of linkin park.
and for all "fans" which can't agree: take a look at the favorite music of the bandmembers and you will see, that lp only do what they love to hear! don't misunderstand me! i like "nu-metal", too... but there's more than that in the world. and lp know how to make the world of music more coloured!
i'm following linkin park since 10 years and every album (incl. underground stuff, b-sides, etc.), every project fulfilled my needs of good music!
linkin park still do what they do every time... great music with a message within! these type of actors are very rarely and i'm glad to find this band!
last but least: GIVE SOME RESPECT TO THE WORK FOR THIS ALBUM! if you don't like it, you should have to say it in an adequate way! it's your right to like or dislike, but do it serious!
I must say, it's not what I expected (or hoped for) but from an artistic point of view, it's auditory value is stunning. From a consumer's point of view however, it’s a bit disappointing. My least favorite LP album; I even like “Reanimated” better than this album. Don't get me wrong, I still love Linkin Park and I totally get what they did and the reasons behind why they branched out in this direction. Also, with the opening words of LP and Mike S. in the new albums booklet helps that much more so to understand the premise behind their new style/sound. I (like 1,000’s of other fans) had hoped that they would have returned to their old style, but that was not the case.
Maybe with this creative scale out of their system they will go back to what the fans, who helped them get where they are at today, want and expect to hear.
To be honest, you can hear a touch of their old style in the songs to a degree, but with all of this other “creative“ sound around it. In view of the foregoing, with the direction they went, it makes you wonder if they threw in the “touch” of their old style to just appease and pacify their fans; meaning did they do that reluctantly or on purpose to show that’s who they really are? It makes you wonder. I still bought the album w/o listening to the tracks b/c I do love LP overall so much and will always be a fan – that is unless we (the fans) find out that they are the ones directly responsible for the Hindenburg disaster, and considering that they weren’t even born then… you get the point.
I still love you LP, you guys still kick ass!
After listening to every song in ATS, it made me love Nobody's Listening.

Cmon admit it people. The interludes really didnt do it. THOSE INTERLUDES ARE WORTHLESS. NO MUSIC IN THEM. THEY DONT BEAR THE ELEMENTS OF LINKIN PARK. JUST SOME RANDOM SCRATCHES, SYNTHS AND STUFF. Maybe they didnt know what to do, and they were getting pressured to release an album soon (Chester being in DBS, Mike in FM).

I may have overreacted but if I were to give the album a score, I'd give it a 0.1/10
-2 I used to love LP. That was before they changed. I understand that they apparently have different directions that they want to pursue. LP blew me away with their first three albums. Those original albums created a deep rooted love. The thought of a new album being released gave me hope that maybe LP would drop the soft core crap and come out kicking and screaming, but much to my dismay, they present this cry guy album. I am aware that I sound bitter,... that's because I am. The first couple of albums really where different than any thing else I had listened to before. Now I feel that that sound and feel is gone and I find that with each new release I anticipate a return of what I fell in love with to begin with and what made LP what they are. I think after i have seen the group change from perfection to a cross bred rock-pop-rap bastard that LP lost there "buy it ASAP without hearing it" status.
I listened to it a second time and I like it better this time. I think they did great.
Im currently listening to Hybrid Theory songs (Pusing Me Away, Runaway) Those songs really are good rhythmically and lyrically. Simple melody, but good. I miss the days...
can't get enough of the album :D
To take this back to the actual topic at hand, I rate it a 10 so far.
I find it hard to choose a single, because I haven't been listening to individual songs, I listen to it all the way through.
I think it will take me a while to get used to hearing songs individually as the songs are released.

They didn't bring out a new genre, they mashed up existing music to make a completely genre-bending rock album.
This also isn't the first time this sound has been created. 80's artists like Phil Collins, Toto and Boston created theatrical rock music with different cultural influences, like we hear in "Waiting For The End" and "When They Come For Me".
I hear a lot of early 90's techno influences like Faithless and The Prodigy, in songs like "Blackout", with the quality of awesome ballads in the 90's on songs like "Iridescent" and "The Messenger".
Every song has a quality to it, though, that is distinctly Linkin Park, and it is a rock album, essentially.
I agree about not being able to get enough of "Waiting For The End" too. It's incredibly catchy, but poweful, deep and strong at the same time.
This is a work of art I am proud to own.

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