Hey LP Fans, so after listening to the entire album how do u rate it, n what's your favorite song in it. for me I'll defenitly give it 08/10, I think they just toke it to the next level n maybe they brought to us a new genre, n my favorite song is "Waiting For The End", I just can't get enought of it.

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Burning in the skies is my favorite. As for how LP has changed, I don't care as long as they make good music, but for their next album change it up again to like hard rock or something else and keep experimenting.
You wanna hear my opinion? ATS is their best album so far, and i agree with all the others, who gave positive seedback!

Kamel LP said:
You now what, Here is a better name for you "Hatters". Gustavo Sassano said:
Wow, that's sounds very original.
But next time, choose someone as a leader and let him/her user its nickname or name your group. ha!

No name said:
hey guys, "no name" is not only a person:
we are a group of friends who adored Lp musics and we share the same point of view on this album, we appreciate what they do but ATS REALLY SUCKS, that's why we have created just one account without a name so as to write different comments. you should not consider "no name" as a person who dislike ATS but as a "critical spirit" which is reflecting the thoughts of many people.
Kamel LP said:
100/100 I agree with u Gustavo Sassano.
Note: for me, it's much better to reply to someone with calling him using his name, hehe.

Gustavo Sassano said:
Well, it is inmature too that you don't have a name. Don't react, please, just tell us your name, lol!!

No name said:
habibi! Your reaction is too immature to deserve an answer.

Kamel LP said:
hey bro, ok linkin park will change there name for u, but don't u think that first of all u should get a name for yourself "No name".
No name said:
THIS ALBUM REALLY SUCKS... LP have to change their name.
I have to say this.. unfortunately.. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!
Entire album is a big fat piece of shit.
Where is that GOOD LP which we all remember? (Hybrid Theory, Meteora)..
Aaagh! It seems like i've spent my money for nothing --..--

"seems to me like a cheap copy of LP (even in some parts don´t sound like LP at all)" <--- I definitely agree with this.
Sorry for my bad English.. And I'm also sorry for my bad language usage.
ok at first i hated it, but i listened to it a couple times and fell in love with it. there are a couple crapy songs, but the album is getting alot of bad comments. I hope LP can survive this change most groups in the past have not.
Im not going to grade it ,because I love this Album¡,its a conceptual album,and if you hear it from start to end and pay attention to the deep lyrics ,you would find its very meaningful and powerful,,I cant get enough of it ¡¡ and right now I cannot give a favorite song or a single because I just love em all, purchased the album in itunes and its been in my itouch on heavy rotation ,I dont skip songs I love to hear it in its entirety ,the way its meant to be (real art)
also planning on getting the cd but I hope one of the angry fans (that didn`t like the album ) that its trying to get his 15 bucks back ,could give it to me ,hehe : )
i'm sorry, i'm not speak english. i think, A Thousand Suns is great!!! LP is always surprise!!!Love them!!!
I think you will find despite my not smoking pot, loving war and guns and republican outlook on life. This hippie believes that LP will find a newer fan base that is not just sitting around like old people stuck in the 50's hanging on to there old music, and they will find fans who like a little variation in ther music.
LP have sold out, this album is it for me, im done with them, remember how good they were
I want more then 9 songs and 6 intros. When you have so much concept music like an intro to nothing, which would be a great name for this CD, you have got to give me more. If you want to change then change. I feel this album was just pushed out because it had been years since the last one. And yes the Album is #1 but thats because everyone went out and bought it at first not because everyone is sastified. I am not trying to tell LP to change their new sound or not try new things, and don't ever sell out, but you have got to give me more.
9/10 go linkin park \m/
I know most people think A Thousand Suns sucks.. and I honestly don't know why. Perhaps because it's very much different from the more aggressive, louder tones which Linkin Park was well known for. That being said, you cannot expect anyone to exhaust the same type of music 'over and over again'. Even though people talk about wanting the 'Old Linkin Park' back, if you have four albums with the same sound you may get tired of it. Anyways, coming back to A Thousand Suns, I personally loved it and only wished there were more songs and the album was longer than 47-something minutes. A Thousand Suns is a classic that shows the band's maturity and epic creativity. If I had to rate it I would give A Thousand Suns a 9/10. Why a 9, you ask? Well, I would have given it a 9.5, if I liked decimals : ) jokes aside, I think we could have had a little more of Mr. Hahn in the album. I cannot specifically pick a favourite song, because I like them all and on some days I like some more than the others and it keeps changing. But, at the moment my favourite would be Wretches and Kings and number 2 is Burning in the Skies. All in all, great album and good job guys! I loved it to bits : )

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