I have the whole album, and i have to tell you from now that it's the
best LP album for me, this album will take LP to the next level &
that's mean it's just the begining (it's like a Rebirth).
By the way, if you want me to give it up to you ( A Thousand Suns ) Just Ask.

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... who's having sex with pop music? O_o
Anyway, here's an interesting question: when will all the LP "fans" (who have done nothing but bitch about the new sound and ask "WEN IZZ LP GOINS BAK TO ZE NU METALZZ??!!!" for the past 3 years) FINALLY get a damn life, stop living in the past, and get off these forums? Are they waiting for a coordinated mass-migration of some sorts? Because if that's the case... well winter's almost here so why not just leave a little early, haha.
No but seriously, is there really a point to just constantly complaining?

LInkin park FAN said:
Probably, I badly understand in fucking the pop music. A thousand sun has broken a thousand hearts. Linkin park has died in thousand hearts.((((
The album is good, they put different styles on it and didn't repeat themselves, the concept on every song is excelent. The only thing I can complain about is the guitar work.. its just not that 'visible', same with drums. It wouldn't have hurt to put more of that on the album, would sound much better.
For all of you who think ATS sucks, stop listening, I'll say.
There's no point in arguing because it won't change the band.

If every million fans the band is loosing, it's getting two million more!

Personally, I LOVE the album.
From now, Linkin Park is my God! :)
I like it, overall. It's not flawless, but I think they're onto something and hopefully they explore it further in the future. Nice to see they're not a another typical band that just puts out the same album every few years.
Very poor 2/10 Linkin Park appear to have lost their soul. Can't listen to this rubbish but I loved all their earlier albums. This album sounds amateurish hidden under the guise of 'art'. One dimensional muppetry.
i love the album it is awsome five stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree if you. I following the band since i was 9 years old, today i'm 16.
they were the band that i had the full respect.. today, i don't know if it can be the same...
where is the nu metal in your songs LP???? i have a point of hope in you, but i wanna see if my hope won't be for nothing

AdAmPwnz said:
I think it's OK, but it's not...Linkin park.. It is written by them, but its absolutely ridiculous this new style... It needs metal! Guitars! The songs would be great with some metal in them. I hated metal before I listened to linkin park, that's the only thing I really listen to now, I just really hope their next album has some seriously awesome songs and metal in it
Guys, I'm so jelous of you folks who have already heard the album. I loved LPs early work but I love their evolution as musicians too. I can't wait! It would have been great to listen to the new album while I'm standing in line tonight at Gamestop while I wait on Halo: Reach...
Album came a day early for me :D
AdAmPwnz said:
Album came a day early for me :D

I got my CD early too, it came in the mail about an hour ago

As far as the music go, now that I think about it the reason I like LP is not so much because of their sound, while its great that its catchy and different when they first came out with HT/Meteora. Its not so much that sound that drew me to the band but their lyrics and ability to write music. I'm just really sick of how a lot of artist (not all just many of them, so don't start bashing me for this comment) are nothing more then performers and how they never write their own music. Either that or how the lyrics have no meaning or depth to them. Thats why I ended up turning to J-Pop/Rock and Asian music because I find there are more depth to their lyrics. There are very few American Bands/Singers that I actually listen to and follow.

As I've said before they have changed, and matured. But looking back at the comments I suppose I can relate with the people who said they rather have HT/Meteora because for those people I think its the sound thats important to them, and you can't really fault them for missing it if thats the genre of music they like.

I guess in the end I will continue to like LP if they write good lyrics, because I'm a lyrics person that is more important then the actually sound, I can get use to that if they lyrics are good and understandable.
Check out Carah Faye's new band, Versant is releasing their first ep on Tuesday the 21st and the most cheapest pre order on earth. what a treat !

anyone know why blackbirds was not included in the pre-order download sent upon release, i'm kind of disappointed.

Anyways, the album is excellent and I actually believe they get better and better unlike what most critics are saying. Linkin Park is the only band where you can shuffle all there music and never get tired of hearing the same genre over and over again. Hell, the only genre they do not cover is country music.

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