I have the whole album, and i have to tell you from now that it's the
best LP album for me, this album will take LP to the next level &
that's mean it's just the begining (it's like a Rebirth).
By the way, if you want me to give it up to you ( A Thousand Suns ) Just Ask.

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i dunno know but i saw your few songs of A thousand of suns at youtube and i loved it but it's not available in torrents, what to do now

I'm going to repeat what has been said before but, definitely this album is different from the rest. If they wanted or if they had to bring something new I don't care... What matters is if people will like it the same way LP liked producing it.

I can't say it's an evolution, only that it's a change and I... LOVE it.They always bring new energy to my life.

I 100% agree with Cillian. Some people need to grow up. Not just increase their age, but change their mental attitude.

Cillian said:
Jason Johns said:
my point was that The Beatles ( which i dont listen to their musiic often ) didnt change anything

Firstly, Jason, it seems to me that you put entirely too much stock in sales as an indicator of quality music. It is not.

Secondly, You really need to brush up on your general music knowledge. The Beatles released 12 albums, not 23, and were constantly experimenting with different styles of music.


Now this quote from you "i mean if something works dont change it." is absolutely unbelieveable. Music is art and expression, not a toaster or a car that get rolled off assembly lines by the hundreds, each identical to the last. There should not be any stock factory settings in art.

I've also been an LP fan for a long time (read "10 years"), ATS absolutely blows their previous work out of the water for me. It's probably the most honest thing they've written. Meteora is the opposite of that, in it just tried to capitalize on HT's success.

I appreciate bands and artists who have the balls to be creative, experiment & play from their heart.
Hello, I'm one of the many admirers of art group Linkin Park. Always listen to songs with gusto. Old albums made a real explosion in music, but the album Minutes to Midnight was not as successful as, say, Meteora. None of the emotional outburst. But it can still be used.However, "A Thousand Suns" at all worthless. This is not Linkin Park. Real fans will understand me. We want this "Linkin Park". Please, if anyone can, came this message to the group. I do not sense in English, but for the sake of this message I've even tortured translator. Do not leave unattended.
Just bought the album today and i listened to it today and i loved it im going to listen to it again tommorow :)
It's pretty awesome. And for all the people arguing, if you like it then fine, and if you don't, fine. Please quit the bickering. But yeah, im not reaaly partial to one stage of LP, i think they're both good in different ways.

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