ok i am abit tired of the constant aggression over LP's new album. i hear things like "we want the Old LP back" "its the worst album of the year".

Point 1:broken Record.
Yes the old LP is definitely my style when it comes to music genre though saying "the Old LP" is boring, if your saying all you want is the old LP then you might aswell be listening to a repeat of meteora or Hybrid. what linkin park have done with ATS is enter new territory in the music world.

Point 2:LP is everything!
linkin park are pop/rap/disco/rock/tecno/love. the idea that nothing is a limit to them is amazing, insted of catering just for 1 set of people makes them worth more than any other artist. yeah some may not like this album. but who cant say that the next will be the hardcore you were expecting before MTM. and lets be fair, we have herd promise of the rock we once new from New divide, blackbird's and even Blackout from ATS.

Point 3: why not treat it as a fresh.
Lets imagin Linkin park had never started. and this album was the first album from linkin park. i would be astounded by it. i think we need to look at it like this to understand it.

point 4: more people will love them
now that LP has entered a more pop/techno genre they now have gained the hearts of more loving fans ( a friend of mine hated linkin park's screamo  approach on life, but she now loves the new songs and has started listening to the other albums giving them a chance)

well i could just be trying to fight a loosing battle, though all i know is what i bought was worth it, and hopefully when the rage calms down people might start to love them again

(8)..we are not fighting for love, or home soil...
   ...only for power,money and oil...(8)

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