I've looked all over the internet and this forum, and I can't find this answer. If I'm just oblivious, then say so.  


What is is the meaning of the album's cover? What is on it? I'm looking for the exact answer, not an interpretation. Depending on what it is, I'm going to get it tattooed the day of graduation. 


There's a story behind it. 


Last year, 9/14/2010, I went into the office of my department's chairman wanting to withdraw from the college. When I left the school that night to go to the train, I put my iTouch on shuffle. I did one of those things where the first song that comes on describes the moment. Well, Blackbirds came on. I hadn't listened to the whole album. I couldn't move. The song described all of it, all of my life and the moment. It's my favorite song next to Carousel, Across the Line, Step Up, My December- I like the obscure tracks. 


In short, the album has a shitload of meaning for me. A definite answer would be greatly appreciated. 



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"It means what ever you want it to mean." That is what they told us during the LPU Summit.


I guess it is something like a sun or a explosion? O.o I don't think anyone knows, even though it's been already a year now :D

I guess it could be the heat of a thousand suns maybe? sun is yellow but in album it is black and white :)

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