I've loved Linkin Park since "In the End", it's fair to say they are my favorite band, and to be honest A Thousand Suns is an insult to all previous fans of Linkin Park.  

I understand they are trying to do new things. Fine, do new things.  But don't isolate your already established fan base.  With Minutes to Midnight there were new things, for example they ditched the Nu-Metal sound and there was even a guitar solo during the song "In Pieces" which I don't recall having happened before and many other differences.  But MTM still had other songs that catered to the fans that had been around since the beginning. It was a fair compromise.

A Thousand Suns does just the opposite.  The song list was advertised initially as 15, and I thought to myself, "Wow, that's awesome, they'll have one instrumental and then likely go about half and half, keeping their fans happy and trying more new things."  Unfortunately that's not how it turned out.  I can't even say there's an instrumental in the album, instead there are 5 filler tracks.  I wouldn't even call that music.  I could take an old recording and synthesize it to make it sound robotic/different.  That alone is a slap in the face to the entire fan base.  Then there's the songs themselves that sound nothing like Linkin Park.  Mike doesn't even sound the same rapping, and that's a problem.  We as fans should at least be able to recognize the band.

Please don't buy this album. I would like my money and my favorite band back.  The true fans have waited around for 3 and a half years so Chester could go do his "solo" things and are left empty handed.  This is not the Linkin Park I know, and that disappoints me to even acknowledge.  Last I checked fans matter, and A Thousand Suns is a monument of ignorance.

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Agreed. It's very dissapointing, I honestly don't know a person who said they "really like it". The nicest thing I heard was, oh it is "decent' or it is "creative" and "not bad". 2 years in the making shouldn't be 'not bad' from a premier band.

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