I've loved Linkin Park since "In the End", it's fair to say they are my favorite band, and to be honest A Thousand Suns is an insult to all previous fans of Linkin Park.  

I understand they are trying to do new things. Fine, do new things.  But don't isolate your already established fan base.  With Minutes to Midnight there were new things, for example they ditched the Nu-Metal sound and there was even a guitar solo during the song "In Pieces" which I don't recall having happened before and many other differences.  But MTM still had other songs that catered to the fans that had been around since the beginning. It was a fair compromise.

A Thousand Suns does just the opposite.  The song list was advertised initially as 15, and I thought to myself, "Wow, that's awesome, they'll have one instrumental and then likely go about half and half, keeping their fans happy and trying more new things."  Unfortunately that's not how it turned out.  I can't even say there's an instrumental in the album, instead there are 5 filler tracks.  I wouldn't even call that music.  I could take an old recording and synthesize it to make it sound robotic/different.  That alone is a slap in the face to the entire fan base.  Then there's the songs themselves that sound nothing like Linkin Park.  Mike doesn't even sound the same rapping, and that's a problem.  We as fans should at least be able to recognize the band.

Please don't buy this album. I would like my money and my favorite band back.  The true fans have waited around for 3 and a half years so Chester could go do his "solo" things and are left empty handed.  This is not the Linkin Park I know, and that disappoints me to even acknowledge.  Last I checked fans matter, and A Thousand Suns is a monument of ignorance.

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michael said:
Yea I think its hilarious to say what I've done is there best song lol, that comment alone makes all ur comments meaningless

I actually prefer them changing. I liked them ever since One Step Closer and Crawling but I think all 4 of their albums are amazing in their own way. Chester has talked about making a second album with Dead by Sunrise sometime in the future so i guess you could wait for that. But as far as Linkin Park, they are still having the same success as always having 1000 suns debut at number one on the billboards top 200. And I dont see the point in complaining..if you dont like it just keep listening to HT and Meteora.
" I didnt care that theyd tried new things, its the fact that they tried and failed and still put it out that disapointed me"

they failled in your point of view. The fact you're not sensible to it doesn't mean it's bad for everyone, I think we can agree on that. And about the crowd reaction to the new songs, I saw them in paris, and I have to admit the crowd wasn't as crazy on the new songs than on the old stuff, but it's kind of logic, the new album is less crazy it's a fact, and I think that's why people are disappointed. But it doesn't mean it's no good, it's just different.

And the final point, I love when they come for me live, it's one of my favorite new song, what is it you don't like in that song?
On listening to the whole album for some time now, I love it even more.

The shorter tracks come to life after you have seen a live show. They don't seem like filler anymore.
Well i dont know if it is a sellout thing or not, personally i dont care, tbh it has been a long time since there was an artist who rly did music for the music, but what i can say is, if the point indeed is to create new fusions in sound, then they are doing it wrong.

in the first 3 albums they mixed styles such as hip hop and quazi numetal, and it was sumthing fresh, along with lyrics that expessed a certin inner state that i personally liked. the new stuff stopped being relevant to my interest. every time they release a new album i listen through it, and then c i there's the old sound in it, but sadly its not.

i just hope that maybe some day they release an album that will b some sort of tribute to the old stuff, im sure it will make a lot of ppl happy :)

if you guys are enjoying playing this new style, i salute you, it takes a lot of guts to relese something completly different then what people are used to, and i just hope that you did it cuz of your selves and not cuz your production house told you "well guys, we would like you to be more like coldplay/travis type of thing"... im pretty sure no musician wants to go through that :\
Mike adresses all that right here. http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/09/27/haters-and-the-converted-a-thousa...

And they worked their asses off on this album..just watch the making of ATS at the bottom of the blog on the link ^.
And to say that ATS is an inusut to previous fans is just an insult to the band. "Momument of Ignorance"? They are not the ingnorant ones, people like you are!! If you dont like it fine don't buy it!! But if you can't respect the time and effort they put into this, than I find it hard to believe you were ever a fan of the band. You were just a fan of the the music genre so maybe you should just find something similar and listen to that. Because they have stated that they don't wont to make a new HT and that they wont to keep evolving. So you can either go listen to other stuff or as Mike woud say "Try and Catch Up Mother F**ker
I think nothing is wrong with it...it's just different...but sill awesome!!:)<3
that's my opinion ;)
well guys it looks like your all going to have to grow up soon like LP did and not look for something to jump around and make a ass out of your self screaming at everything, cause it was fun when i was ! 10 years old, ! time to grow up every body and listen to what really matter's today.

i think LP grew different for the better, they make more sense now, i can listen to them and be relax and calm, they mad sense before don't get me wrong they mad sense in a way how i felt when i was in my teenage years and felt miss understood and i felt like screaming at everyone,

" But don't isolate your already established fan base "

see that's where your wrong again, they grew with their fan's, they know now there fans are older and they understand that there fans know what's going on in our world people lost their family in war, people are mad that our world is not what it use to be, we feel lost we feel no one cares about what we are really going through, thats what the album
meen's to me ! understanding ! , they care a lot about us as fan's

appreciate the fact that there still here and care about what we think and they didn't let the "fam" get to them that they still ask us what we want they come on here and talk to us ( how many band's you know do that) cause i can only think of one and that LP, they go around the world singing for us away from their family's for a long time to make us happy.

"Please don't buy this album"
don't tell people not to buy their CD if you don't like it thats your problem.

im leaving it at that, start appreciating what they do for us, and not for them selves, they grew with us not away from us.
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I have to disagree with you. They have stated before that they have matured as a band and their music reflects that, they have grown as artists. Even if you personally dont like it just accept it as a piece of art from a great band and move on. I myself, as with Minutes to Midnight, had to listen through a couple times before I realized how awesome it really is. Bands that dont change usually dont last.
I'm a fan since Meteora and i fell in love with their heavy metal riffs combined with mikes rapping, but i also like their new stuff. I mean its boring to do the same things again and again, sure a lot of people would buy albums like Hybrid Theory 2 and 3 and 4 ... but is that really the thing you want?
the first time i heard M2M i thought "wtf is that" and there are still a few songs which i dont like, but i thought okay they tried something new and maybe the next one will be better again. then i listened to ATS and thought "okay now its over ..." but i gave it a chance, i listened to it again and again and realised that the whole album is one long song and this song is brilliant.
if you give ATS a chance its really awesome and now im at the point where i like it as much as Hybrid Theory and believe me i was bitching at that album as hard as you do now.
those guys are getting older and so do i, they change and we have to accept that. if you can live with that fact and give ATS a change you will see that its awesome. and if you still disagree im sorry for you but then you can still listen to their old stuff :)
I completely agree with Sam. If you heard any of these tracks on the radio, you would not immediately say "Oh shit! That's something new from LP!" It sounds nothing like them. A lot of folks on here are saying that it's their artistic right to change their style if they want. That's true, it's their right, but it's also the Fan's right to call them out on their bullshit. Changing things up is not always good. I like MTM, not as much as their two previous albums, but it had the energy and power that LP is known for. ATS has no power. They sound like a new version of U2 or Coldplay. Both are good bands, but not what LP is. If Dominos Pizza wanted to completely change their product to chicken, it would be stupid to continue to call themselves Domino's Pizza. Same thing with Linkin Park. If they want to completely change their sound, call it something else. Or stop doing it.

If you got the full album with the making of video, I think you'll get to see just how much time this band wasted in putting together terrible tracks. They're capable of so much more. Hopefully these guys will get back on track and soon, because if this is the best they can do after a 3 year span, I think LP might want to think about going their separate ways. Sadly, both Mike's and Chester's independent albums were both better than ATS, and besides Remember the Name, Fort Minor sucks.
I was actually worried they might lighten up. There's been a lot of negativity around Nu-Metal, Rap Metal, and Emo kids. Technically LP could fit all those angsty genres so I imagine especially Chester might have had some insecurities over it. The thing is, I've never heard ANYONE criticize LP for being EMO, Nu-Metal, or rap metal. That honor is usually reserved for Limp Bizkit. Linkin Park is HUGELY successful...so I had some hope that they might ignore all the flak the genre has taken. But, yeah it does seem like they are trying avoid being "emo angsty Rap\Nu-Metal", which honestly is what they did best and I'm not ashamed to admit that I loved it.

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