First of all I would like to say thanks, I recieved my album today of A Thousand suns from the preload. I opened it, wanting to see the artwork, and the lyrics.

I like the cover it is better in reality than on line, I love the metallic finish. I love the CD and DVD pack. I have yet to listen to CD or watch DVD, but I went straight for the notes, the only reason I buy CD's is for the lyrics, the pictures of the band etc, that you normally see, inside a CD.

However, whilst not shocked, I am a little disappointed that the lyrics in most cases are illegible. This just saddens me, whilst every page is artful, and I do respect that, I don't want to have to go cruising lyric sites to understand what my band are playing and singing about.

That is the essense why I buy a CD, is just to read the lyrics!

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