Not much time is left before the new album release , and after listening to THE CATALYST i can't wait much more.I guess its not that easy for us to think how they are gonna change their style. Starting with an electronic hook that ends up with the heartfelt voice of chester and with some heavy beats in the middle, The Catalyst is really amazing, really different. If you haven't seen any pics visit LPA , they are also different from their previous works.Leaving the sound that pulled them to such status was not that easy but i personally feel they have done a great job.I guess those who are apparently upset with the new sound, they are gonna be happy with the full album cuz i heard news of ATS containing heavy songs.
Its always easy to replicate the old stuff but coming up with something new is hard and that's something LP is very good at .
Good luck guys .

keep up the good work guys.

What do you think about the new album as well as THE CATALYST and the lp featuring you contest?

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