A Thousand Suns, from the view of a fan of 10 years.

I keep seeing all these threads by angry people who hate the new album.
I just want to put a positive point of view out there, and I ask that
you do not discuss your hate of the album here, there are plenty of
threads for that. I'd just really like to hear other people's good
opinions for a change, if people can be respectful enough to let that
happen it would be greatly appreciated. :)

When I first heard The Catalyst, I was extremely disappointed, it was
nothing like what I had expected and I just really didn't like a lot of
parts of it. It felt confused to me, but I kept listening and after a
while, realised I just couldn't stop.
I hung around in this community, despite a lot of drama and negativity,
refused to illegally download the leaked album people kept trying to
throw around, and waited for my pre-order to arrive.
I sat at my computer all day on the 14th waiting for the email so I
could listen to the album, and when I finally started listening, I had
no idea what I thought of it, but I didn't hate it.
Once again, I just kept playing it on repeat and eventually realised that it was incredible.

I understand why people would want Linkin Park to stay within one genre
and not change their music in any way, but I think there's something so
much bigger than that going on here that's being discredited.
Looking back on LP, even in the pre-HT days, the music they have created
has always been about fusion, making something that's not supposed to
work, work. They have always been one thing above all of that as well:
Huge. There's an undeniable quality to every song LP has ever made, and
'huge' is the only way I can describe it.
I think in this way, despite the fact that they have changed the
direction within their genre drastically, and switched genres once or
twice over the years, they have essentially kept their style.
The new album has the same things in it for me that I loved about Hybrid
Theory, and Meteora, and again with Minutes to Midnight.
I have always sought out bands that meld styles in a unique way and make
it work, and I'm a big fan of Mike Patton.If anyone here has listened
to Mr Bungle they know that no one combines more crazy noises and sounds
effectively than Mike Patton. That has obviously benefited me, in
giving me an open mind and willingness to take something in before I
make a decision on whether I like it or not, which some people seem to
be unwilling to do.
Linkin Park's ability to fuse styles and genres effectively and in a way
that is unique and edgy still exists. A lot of people are saying "it's
not Linkin Park", but I've listened to the album more than 20 times now
and I can hear so much of their past in this album. The singing use of
phrase and tone, and certain  sound different in some songs until you
hear it a million times, and the voice or instrument stands out clearly
and you can tell it is the same as it has always been, its just being
used it a different way with different settings.

I don't care what anyone says about Mike or the band, they all worked
together, and very hard, on this album and the result shows a maturity
and a level of bravery I did not expect to get from them on any album.
This is a work of art that has been formed by years of experience,
growth and life changes, and it shows through so clearly when you listen
to the album.
The apocalyptic theme is so similar to the themes of war from the past
albums,  yet it is explored with a ray of hope and understanding that is
new and exciting. Age and experience has not made Linkin Park soft, or a
disappointment, it has made them wiser and more courageous, and inspire
me every single day.

I thouroughly love A Thousand Suns and completely support Linkin Park,
and I think this is not the end, this is not the beginning.

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Hey man, i totally agree. If u want to see similar reviews from civilized fans, check out the thread "Dissapointed but not surprised", and the title isn't about being dissapointed in the album, rather the ignorant fans that have the nerve to bash and insult there "favorite band". Some really good opinions so check it out =D
I've only been a fan of LP for a couple opf years. I liked their songs I heard on the radio. When NEw Divide came out, I was instantly addicted to it. I bought HT and Metoria in Dec for myself. Listened them over and over and really got into them. I never got around to buying M2M but will, When I heard Catalyst a few weeks ago, I realized eventhough it was totally different, it was very good. SO like a lot of people, when I first listened to the new cd, I was a little surprised. But I"ve listened to it repeatedly for the past four days and it has grown on me significantly. I love the blend of techno with rock and they do it better than most. THe intro is cool, When they COme for Me just rocks on! Wretches and Kings, Wisdom, Justice and Love is very cool as it becomes more digital. THe Catalyst is still the bomb! MAn that song just begs to be played LOUD! GReat job!
I couldn't agree with you more, when I first heard the album it was at the listening debut and I didn't know what to think. Honestly at first I think I was disappointed. I was hoping for/expecting something progressing along the Minutes to Midnight sound with some HT elements. What I heard was not what I was expecting. But the more I listen to it the more I realize...this album is genius. Pure. Genius. People are complaining that this album "isn't Linkin Park" but isn't it up to them to decide what their own sound is? Isn't it up to them to decided where to take their sound? They always push the envelope and with this album they haven't stopped. They have continued to do something out of the ordinary and the more I listen to it the more I want to listen to it. Admittedly I was not this passionate about MTM, but this album does something extraordinary, from the chills I get hearing Chester's voice (there's so much emotion to it in this album that has never been reflected before) to the blood that starts pumping whenever I hear Wretches and Kings. I can't stop listening. Just when I turn it off I start singing it in my head and I have to hear it again. To those that don't like or even hate it I feel bad for you. I really do, please, don't be stuck in the early days of Linkin Park, there is so much happening here that if you let the music into your heart, you'll be amazed at what happens.
I don't know how these guys do it, but with it being LP I just kept listning to the album to find something I liked about it. Seriously I have played this album over 20 times now and for some reason all the songs are nice to show up while being on random....

A couple of days in a row I cried about what I didn't like about the album but now I can only get to the conclusion its an epic album, with something missing. Won't classify it as their best album but I can't deny it's a very very strong release.

How could I be such an idiot.

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