you see, i loved Hybrid Theory and all that, with the rock and punk and metal and etc., but minutes to midnight was great, too. and so was meteora. but i think so far, "Wretches and Kings" was good, but it was a little bit much. "The Catalyst" was amazing, however. how about you guys? what d'you all think?

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Please for all thats Holy go back to your roots. Luckily a friend of mine bought ATS first so I didn't have to waste my money on it.

We, as fans, miss Linkin Park. Please bring them back.
LP.............. U ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that this aibum, even the all of them is wonderful!! This ailbum is so different, so unique, so great! This is their own album, their own music. I LOVE THEM because they do the real music. SUPPORTING!!!!
Linkin Park use to be hard rock. Then they became more alternative rock with Minutes To Midnight. A Thousand Suns isn't even rock. They sound nothing like they use to. They sound like Moby now.
Dont like this album at all, waste of money really. HT and Meteora was good, even MTM was too slow, I want good listable music not something i fall asleep to. wtf.
OR ATLEAST!!!!! Do a Reanimation 2 for the MTM+ATS and make em rock.
I totally agree been a fan of LP since hybrid theory loved it and meteora. Minutes to Midnight was different but still rocked and had good music despite the change of their sound. A thousand suns is bad it feels like I'm listening to a techno CD. It's like brad, rob, amd phoenix went on vacation while mike, chester, joe, and rick rubin recorded an awful political album. Linkin Park needs to realize that we don't listen to their music to hear their political views if i wanted that i would go listen to R.E.M. They rose to fame on the blaring guitars, loud catchy choruses of chester, quick raps of mike, and Mr. hahn breaking it down. Their attempt to change into a different genre failed. The sad part is that it's topping the charts around the world being certified gold and platinum in some countries which makes me scared that LP won't get our message. LP's music was unique, great, and meaningful even Minutes to Midnight is fifty times better than this, I would have rather seen another reanimation of meteora or minutes to midnight than this be released only two or three are listenable and none would make a greatest hits CD. The album would be better if they replaced the instrumentals with the individuals songs they have released including: New Divide, Not alone, and Blackbirds. I'm glad i didn't waste my money on garbage hopefully LP hears our cries like they always do and change their direction. I won't loose hope but LP needs to wake up. Minutes to Midnight was one thing but this is a monstrosity of an album. LP 4 Life
I love all LP's albums, cuz each and everyone is unique in it's own way :)
I agree with the first statement "Hybrid Theory and Meteora were their two best albums!" I like Linkin Park. Like already stated the first 2 albums were great and Minutes to Midnight was decent too but I do need to clear up one thing. Linkin Park is NOT and never was nu metal (or any other form of metal). Korn is nu metal(they created nu metal), Disturbed is nu metal, Slipknot is nu metal. Linkin Park is not and never has fit in the metal genre. Their first 3 albums were good but not metal.

Angelique said:
Hybrid Theory and Meteora were their two best albums! When they were strictly nu metal. Now the type of music they make is not nu metal, it sounds more like techno, and that is not the Linkin Park that i know and love. But their new style is ok. But their old stuff will always be the best!
Catalyst is amazing with a an awesome video but waiting for the end doesnt seem good .
the album is very far from hybrid theory or meteora,in fact from what I've done and new divide also

I love the new album ATS and his new sound.

Congratulation guys.


the best album for me is meteora... i just love all the songs on it ... the new album i don't love it but they are 2 song i like.. i don't want to critize it but i prefer old school LP
Me too. Old school LP is much better. I noticed Vallejo in your name. Are you from Vallejo Ca or is that really your last name?

dayana vallejo said:
the best album for me is meteora... i just love all the songs on it ... the new album i don't love it but they are 2 song i like.. i don't want to critize it but i prefer old school LP

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