you see, i loved Hybrid Theory and all that, with the rock and punk and metal and etc., but minutes to midnight was great, too. and so was meteora. but i think so far, "Wretches and Kings" was good, but it was a little bit much. "The Catalyst" was amazing, however. how about you guys? what d'you all think?

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What A thousand suns is awesome and experimental if you hate then you don't kniw how to enjoy good music yeah maybe there older albums are better and theyare. But you should be thankful for what linkin park records for us there fans!

^^ rofl.


oh btw i <3 ATS

I was a little bit dissapointed so i wrote some stupid comments. I like the comment of FlyingDutchWoman.The same happened with me, but some love to first albums made me be angry and to judge A thousand suns... I'm sorry, really, really. Although album is not agressive as i thought that will be it's still a great work from LP. And i must say LP is very bravely band, becouse it is not afraid to change style...
For me, MT and HT are still better but...(i already sad what i think of ATS)
Minutes to midnight is somewhere in the middle of everything and it's perfect....Mike's rap parts, Chester's scream parts, songs-some agressive, some almost ballads... I love it! <3
My previous comments about the album are removed becouse and don't want anyone to see my bullshit of comments. haha <3 LP <3 Performance of ,,Given up,, in iTunes fest. in London, it's just......unbeliveable... Chester is a god!
I think all their albums have been absolutely awesome; i'm just waiting for Linkin Park to announce that they are working on a new album. Here is a new topic about LP's new album 2011...leave a comment so we can have a good discussion ;)
You're absolutely right. I have the same opinion.

martin said:
Damn, what are you guys talking about? I really like the new album A Thousand Suns!

Really refreshing!! I want to hear it all day long. If you want to hear the old Linkin Park, you should buy the old albums.

I think Linkin Park is growing as a band. If they kept the same sound all the time, it would get borring.

Keep up the good work.

A fan for life.

M.Romviel (the Netherlands)

A Thousand Suns is a fucking grouse album. If you dont like it then clearly your not a true linkin park fan.

Every song on every album is unique in its own way

ahaha, good question.... when i heared a thousand suns for firts time i didn t like because a like the heavy songs like in hybrid  theory or meteora, minutes to midnight is excellent too. i changed my mind when LP came to Argentina, in that moment i knew that the new albun was amazing

Thank u LP for all!!!!!

One of the best. This album reflects thousands of sentiments, is just... Perfect!
It wasn't as awesome as their previous stuff, but it was still considerably good. I loved Meteora and Hybrid Theory way more though.. And I mean that when I say it. I liked The Catalyst, Iridiescent and Waiting for the End.


They weren't that great compared to their old stuff.

Yes, but we want new songs from them that stick to their old style. We can't listen to the same songs for the rest of our life..

martin said:
Really refreshing!! I want to hear it all day long. If you want to hear the old Linkin Park, you should buy the old albums.
It felt like it was rushed  but the idea of all the songs transitioning to each other is a good idea. i liked the older albums better though. Thousand suns was just to big of a change but if it had slow songs and songs like the old albums then it would have been amazing

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