you see, i loved Hybrid Theory and all that, with the rock and punk and metal and etc., but minutes to midnight was great, too. and so was meteora. but i think so far, "Wretches and Kings" was good, but it was a little bit much. "The Catalyst" was amazing, however. how about you guys? what d'you all think?

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I know of the London MCM expos in May & August. Just wondering where there are other conventions in the UK, and also when..............................
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ATS RULES!!!!!! its uniqueness cant be compared to any other album of any other artist!

Whatever it is Linkin Park is my life and I would keep hearing to them even if they produce a completely flop album !!
LP 4ever <3

btw variation is needed everywhere

you can't be a good bowler unless you know different types of balling varities

You can't be  a good footballer unless you have some new dribling skills

meanwhile you can't be a good golf player unless you know how to variate the direction of ball

-so you see variation is required everywhere .. Linkin Park did this and I extremely love it ... its simply awesome !!! they are a rock band and would stay but a bit touch of alternative and technoe is amazing!

Linkin Park forever .. ATS's the best ! <3

how would i rank the albums though i madly love them all !
1- HT




All were best with some new instruments , new topic of lyrics and everyone is unique in its form and the best for me !

Anwesha Mohapatra said:

ATS RULES!!!!!! its uniqueness cant be compared to any other album of any other artist!

That's the correct statement ... though  majority doesn't understand this ~!

i love a thosandsuns its a great album, i dont care if its differnt, i think thats a great thing that band change because hybrid theroy and meteora sounded the same. i like how mike sings more to but i love his raps to like "when they come for me" . when i fisrts heard the album i turned it off midway through. i just thought it was bad, thats when i realised it was a consept album. i listen to the album every day atleast 2 songs a day and i love every song. the reviews i saw were horribal, everone said it didnt sound like them and others said it was fake rock. but i love this album and i love all music even when experiment and trying differnt things


I heard the whole album isn't that good, and I didn't want to waste my money.
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I really loved hybrid theory but also loved ATS.i really don't know which one is better but ireally don't like how the fans of the old LP comments about ATS.LP has grown mature and i agree that making the same music as with hybrid theory will get a little bit boring and repetitive

Linkin Park!!! been a fan for 10 years seen 3 shows got every cd but ATS is the best sounding music cd ever all the haters just need to play it over and over and let the music in and you will feel it.

great jobs guys

see you in the UK soon i hope

yeah crawling is good but band need to change and move forward or they go stale and fad away

Is "Great!" an option? This album is amazing.

I quite agree. Bands who always do the same thing are boring and usually don't end up selling records for that long. Linkin Parks music has changed, but at least it's changed in a good way, and they definitely have been using cooler sounds.

martin said:

Damn, what are you guys talking about? I really like the new album A Thousand Suns!

Really refreshing!! I want to hear it all day long. If you want to hear the old Linkin Park, you should buy the old albums.

I think Linkin Park is growing as a band. If they kept the same sound all the time, it would get borring.

Keep up the good work.

A fan for life.

M.Romviel (the Netherlands)

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