you see, i loved Hybrid Theory and all that, with the rock and punk and metal and etc., but minutes to midnight was great, too. and so was meteora. but i think so far, "Wretches and Kings" was good, but it was a little bit much. "The Catalyst" was amazing, however. how about you guys? what d'you all think?

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I like A Thousand Suns about as much as Minutes to Midnight. They're both good, but I like their first 2 albums were better. ATS is good but I hope the new album sees Brad playing guitar more, seeing as guitars kind of took a backseat on that album.

great album better than mtm but mtm is still amazing

ATS took a few listens to grow on me, but it wasn't until I actually listened to the whole album, first song to last, without skipping any of the intermission/filler tracks, that I was really able to appreciate its beauty.  Right away I could see certain traits of individual songs that hearkened back to their earlier days, but each song was still different enough that it didn't mimic their older material.

Personally, I think that what a lot of people forget about ATS is that it's a concept album, meaning it's not song-based like the others and that it tells a story that can only truly be understood by listening to the entire thing.  And not just listening to it, but understanding it as well, understanding the connection between the political speeches, the intermissions, and the themes behind the lyrics.  ATS really creates a beautiful story to behold once that is accomplished, but many of the 'hardcore' fans out there that hate on it forget that this album isn't meant to be listened to like the rest.  Each song tells part of the story.  Yes I know that there's also the 'issue' of the heavy electronic influences, but I think that the electronics behind the instrumentation make sense considering the context.

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