you see, i loved Hybrid Theory and all that, with the rock and punk and metal and etc., but minutes to midnight was great, too. and so was meteora. but i think so far, "Wretches and Kings" was good, but it was a little bit much. "The Catalyst" was amazing, however. how about you guys? what d'you all think?

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I Loove it

The Songs are awesome


Rome said:
"For the ppl that hate : GET A LIFE !!"
Umm its not hating its stating a fact that the did a crap ass job on 2 albums in a row, thats EPIC FAIL!

Now ima go and listen to Hybrid Theory cuz its actually good. Thank You
Not 2 albums 1 atleast minutes to midnight was rock.

Ethan Levinskas said:

A Thousand Suns is by far and away their most artistic album. 


Too bad so many idiots are still butthurt that it's not heavy enough. 


It's not heavy enough


Shows you can't appreciate good music.

Martin Greatorex said:

Ethan Levinskas said:

A Thousand Suns is by far and away their most artistic album. 


Too bad so many idiots are still butthurt that it's not heavy enough. 


It's not heavy enough


Alright, I'm just going off by the topic name "A Thousand Suns: Good/Bad?"


A Thousand Suns, was completely amazing! Cought me by storm. The first time I heard and listen to this album, I kinda thought "What's this?" (This was back when I 'pre-orderd' it on iTunes) didn't know who or what song it was, until I looked at my I-pod, there it said/showed "Linkin Park - The Requiem -- A Thousand Suns." Before I move on, I'll have you know this, I was trevalling. Thought it was pretty good, I kinda felt like they put a few songs together in order to create a new song: Example 1) Burning In The Skies, felt like they put "In The End" Together with "What I've done" along with "My December" (a bonus song in the L.E Hybrid Theory.) in order to create this song.


I can go on but I'll end it off here.


I would give the album, A Thousand Suns: Good!

----Great with the taste and sound of their music/songs.

--------A theme was given to each one, helping the listener get somekind of 'emotion' from it.

--------------Combanations of songs put together (Not sure if that was attended, but that's what I got from it.)

------------------------ 5/5

-----------------------------------------And also, just to get those 'hardcore' fans a little upset xD

lOVe it...That's all I have to say. And haters are just 20 years old nostalgic of their LP metal-like or whatever of when they had button and whatsoever...



I think that it is CRAP!!!!!
The computer edited voices were on purpose, if you understand the lyrics you will understand why their voices are edited, and how they change in mid song...that is if you listened to the album -.-   This is not a crap CD your just a crap fan if you can't appreciate the amazing work that Linkin Park has made. Get over that Hybrid Theory is not coming back, enjoy what you get and don't be so selfish about what you want. Also learn to appreciate what you have, apparently you don't seem to enjoy the beauty of the album.
yeah, personally the requiem is one of my favorite song of a thousand suns.
I love everything Linkin Park have done, including A Thousand Suns. The production of the album is just brilliant! From start to finish it is fantastic. So it is a little different to their earlier albums, but if they kept making everything the same people would still complain. That is one of the reasons I like this album so much is that they put a lot of effort into trying something different. You really need to listen to it properly to fully appreciate it & I 100% agree with Brett Campbell on this subject.

S****** (Moderator) said:

Brett Campbell said:
A fan is a a fan, calling somene crap for a difference of opinion makes you a crap person. Period. As for the selfish comment, bands make music, they then try to sell that music, if people don't like it, it affects their sales. Blame LP for not pandering a bit more to their common audience. Or don't. Just sit there with that smug look on your face, despite the fact noone can see it when it's jammed so far up someone's asshole.
Did i judge their opinion? No, I said that most people dont see the true beauty in the album, and what kind of moderator tries to insult another member of a forum? A shitty one......come up with a better insult and i might care. Linkin Park is not run by the fans, sure the fans make the sales but what Linkin Park does IT DOES, if you are not happy with the album then gtfo of here and bitch somewhere else. I have my opinions do i not? Well then you shouldnt be complaining. And when did i mention anything about how much their album sold? All i said is that most of the people bitching on the album have not even LISTENED to it.

To be honest: when I listened the CD for the first time, it was a HUGE disappointment. It was so very different from the first 2 albums (which was truly love at first sight, or should I say love at first hearing), though the difference with Minutes to Midnight was not that big. I really felt like crying and tossing the CD in the bin.


I spoke to a friend later, who is also a fan of LP, and she really liked the new album. I decided not to judge too quickly, so I played the CD again and again. And in time, disappointment grew into appreciation, and that appreciation grew into deep love. A very different album yes, but not in a bad way. It still has everything that makes LP for me: strong music, great lyrics, and goosebumps. Can't wait for the next album!


Oh, I almost forgot: I really like how some parts of the lyrics or a melody from one song can be heard in another one. It gives a certain connection between the different songs that I really, really like. 

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