you see, i loved Hybrid Theory and all that, with the rock and punk and metal and etc., but minutes to midnight was great, too. and so was meteora. but i think so far, "Wretches and Kings" was good, but it was a little bit much. "The Catalyst" was amazing, however. how about you guys? what d'you all think?

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they are best in their music... that's all...
this new album is so great!!
it is fresh and although it is a whole new thing for LP fans..
there is one thing in common...
they write the best songs... listen to their lyrics..
So, I like every album and the A Thousand Suns is good becouse it's on top with computer sounds, type of remix and things like that but at the next album I would like to hear some more old and good Linkin Park. For example Blackout, it can more incredible if you will put there some hard but quiet guitar like in lying from you. Try to imagine it, I think that something like that could be awsome.
...I have to say that ppl that posted replies on this forum and wrote how crapy this album is are just a bunch of forum trolls , and immature ppl that just want to be in center of attention and make rude comments about LP, I liked everything that Linkin Park published since the beggining and I think this is a rock group that can be found only 1 in million, Thousand Suns is an awesome album , they did put in some new sounds and things but that's just what makes it more intresting and that is what proper musical master minds can do and will do...But some ppl are just can't accept a little change and can't addopt and actually they would like if they could have same songs like in old albums with just few changes , but I say time changes so does the music, I think u did a great job with this album and put a lot of sweat and blood into it , just to be sweared at on your own forums... unbelivable , and I have to say that ppl that wrote bad things don't have any respect first for them selfs and then for you LP.... ROCK ON LP!!!
i have to say, i LOVE this album, altho there's no track that really stands out, the album in its entirety is good.

and for ppl who say they prefer the old LP, well, it's been 10 years since HT, if they still sound the same, then there's something wrong with them as a band
and i like tt they're trying new stuffs
The first time i listened to the new album i was a bit confused about the plenty of impressions streaming in me.
And I saied: "Ok. The 6 guys told us the new album would be something totally different, but i never thought that it would be so much totally different."

I took a break and at the same day i wanted to meet a friend around 11pm. I wanted to hear the new album once again, so i didn't take the car. By walking through the night, alone, listening to A Thousand, i began to understand what the guys mean with their new sound.

Linkin Park wrote in the booklet that the album would be something surreal. Surrealism is to pick dream-situations up. Especially situations in nightmares. And A Thousand Suns is like a nightmare.

The Requiem is the beginning of the nightmare. A strange voice in the background annouces the nightmare and then it begins.
The album is a story. The story of a dream. Not always linear. In dreams you get strange impressions... sometimes you hear voices (Oppenheimer or Martin Luther King jr.) and sometimes you only hear strange sounds (the short tracks).

From the beginning (the strange voice) about soft and heavy thoughts (forcing their way out of me) to the final two songs.
"Fallout" and "The Catalyst". In "Fallout" Linkin Park pick up the words in the second song and in "The Catalyst" they pick up the words in the first song.
So the last two songs are rewind of the beginning and i see "The Catalyst" as fight with yourself against the nightmare and at the end of the song you wake up.
"The Messenger" is the phase you wake up. The cruel nightmare is behind you and you ask yourself what happened, you reflect on the dream and you took awareness of the nightmare, because what you dream are mostly things you didn't assimilate.

A Thousand Suns is incredible good and it's an amazing surrealistic masterwork.

Thank you guys for this record.
I love the new album. Sure it's not as great as Meteora but it sure is better then minutes to midnight;D MTM is great but I think that it's their weakest album.
I have to admit that I'm in love with "A thousand suns". I'm a Linkin Park fan since "Hybrid Theory" and their music helped me a lot to get through tough phases in my life, I also would go on and say that if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be the same person that I am today, so thanks, guys - your music means everything to me!

When I first heard "The Catalyst" I was like... "Okay..." but then I heard it again and again and I couldn't stop listening, and I really really couldn't wait any longer for the album to come out... man these days felt like years, and when it was out and I was able to listen to the whole album... I almost can't describe it. The first time it was "weird". But then it was the same like with "The Catalyst". "A thousand suns" is such a powerful record, from the beginning to the end. Everything is perfect. In my opinion this album is thematically the best stuff they have ever done in their career. It sends out such a powerful message and I love the whole "athmosphere". I'm so proud of them for trying something new, but still sounding like the band "of my life" (haha :P ), the best band on earth!!! Thank you guys!!!
yes! finally a place where people actually like the album! ive been a fan since i first saw the "Crawling" video on trl. it's quite different from anything they've done, i do wish they had more fast songs on the album, but other than that i think they did great. they've matured as a band and as people, the album sounds amazing when you play it from start to finish. and im i the only one who thinks that they took some stuff from hybrid theory EP and re analyzed it? i hope they do go back to their HT style someday, not necessarily the same "teen angst" lyrics, but with mature twist.
In my opinion, I really disliked A Thousand Suns when it came out. As a fan of LP for 9 years, there is no doubt that A Thousand Suns is an album that has so much musical evolution in their music career.

After watching Meeting A Thousand Suns DVD, it changed my opinion on the album and I began to listen with it an open mind. I'm beginning to like this album.

It was the DVD that helped me understand more about the album, what LP is thinking when writing this album.
Well first off, I've always been a huge fan of Linkin Park. I was hooked as soon as I bought the little nicky soundtrack (don't judge me) and heard Points of Authority. I think it was before Hybrid Theory started getting real press. With that said, I understand the attempt to evolve, but with each album they take a larger and larger step. Hybrid Theory is my favorite album, then Meteora, which was a little too short, but they managed to keep their edge. Then came Minutes to midnight, which took some time to grow on me, but definitely felt like they were trying to push the genre. Whatever, it worked, I liked it. Now to A Thousand Suns... Linkin Park took the jump from Meteora to MTM and multiplied it by 100. This was not pushing the genre, this was just shifting to a different genre. Long gone are the awesome guitar rifts of Hybrid Theory, replaced with random synthesized beats. I was just listening to the album (being disappointed) and decided to go back to Hybrid theory to see if they were always so synthesized-centric. Not at all. I equate this to an album from another great band - Metallica/St Anger. It just didn't work. They tried hard to make something different but its just not there in terms of being catchy or appealing

I long to hear Brad, Dave, and Rob again.. what did they even do on this album?

I see the irony in the one track from the Fort Minor album, with Mike talking about how the record label wanted them to change, and they rejected it, stayed true to themselves, and succeeded. Well if changing then meant failure? What does it mean now?

Hopefully they make a quick turnaround with another album and get something out to appease the fans that made them who they are. Enough mash-ups, remixes, and "pushing the genre".
Right not, It feels like ATS is PERFECT!! Because.. I can't choos a favo song... From beginning to the end... I love it!!
Irridescent gives me a awesome feeling! I can understand people who liked the first record and are dissapointed with this new... But... Those guys where expecting another Hybrid sound album.. I already new it was something different... Anyway, they don't gonne use BEATs on stage... So give it live a chance!!

Anyway, I love the difference between albums. I can't say like: This is better then this... I only can say: I love all albums! Like you can love all your children. Their all different and still great.

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