LP was absolutely marvellous in Helsinki last night! Their show was well planned and their music was great!


I knew beforehand that concerts at that site (Kaisaniemi Park) are well organized, so I took my two youngsters with me (13 y/o and 15 y/o). I enjoy of having the same taste in the music with my children!  Lucky me!

All started well, the first warmer band was a good starting to build our high hopes for the evening. The second warmer was an excellent choice of LP; I had never heard of them before, but will definitely find their music in the future. Our moods were really building up for see and hear LP soon! But then began the downhill of the evening: the third warmer band almost ruined my evening. They were so disgusting that I had hard time to get rid of the bad mood they created in the audience (it was not just me!). Do LP really need a sex show just before their performance? That had nothing to do with music! Poor choice of LP, really! LP was great but after that third warmer it was really hard to get the good mood back and enjoy their show. I respect LP because of their music. If I had known their choice of the third warmer up band, I would have skipped the concert, not matter how much I like LP. I have nothing against a sexy show, but you should have a possibility to choose if you really want to see it or not. Take that show to the clubs, not to a tour concert! I’m not sure, if I’m happy that I saw LP live, or sorry for taking my kids to a show LP created for us.

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Who decides the warming up bands anyway?

I was unfortunately unable to se the other ones but die antwoord... 
I think they were trying to overcompensate with the "sexyness" in the show and what did they change 
clothes three times during their 30minutes?
But since I'm not familiar with their music and style from before I don't know how intentional it all is; how intentional it is to behave like that, and bring out those elements in their show and music and therefore bring out these reactions in the crowd.. I can't say but
that stage, crowd and situation wasn't the right one for them I guess. Or is it the other way around?
Being a relatively new band it must be daunting to open up for a band like LP...

" Or is it the other way around?"

I did consider that too, but bands can target their audience by setting age limits. I remeber for ex. the Finnish band, Apulanta, did this when they had some very scary elements in their show. That was then only for adults (they had age limit of 18 y/o).

Yes I agree there should have been an age limit on this concert

Why so serious?

third warmer band, it was pretty funny. But i must say that after all it was little strange choice.

Well, the seriousness came along with the fact that I had my kids with me. Otherwise (if I were there alone)  I could have just dislike the band in my mind, and not have to deal with the fact that a 13 years old saw much more than he was comfortable with. We had a discussion the next morning and I must say there were questions I could not give him an answer.

I guess I was so shocked by the warmed band because some members of LP are open with their believing in God and that made me expect of having Christian values in their concert too. There were nothing in LP performance that I (or my kid) were uncomfortable with. And that was where I based my decision of participation when I bought the tickets.

But what's done is done. Sad, but no more LP concerts for my kids before they're 18. And next time I'll be more active finding out who else will be on the stage...  

Thanks for your comments, 12thMachine and Mimmi!

Lol, LP doesn't choose their support acts, only at Projekt Revolution.

It's Warner Bros or lokal event agents that make all the books.

A support act has to pay to the label of the headlining band because they are actually promoting themselves.

In this case, thirth support act was really bad. But you were there for lp, and afther the concert the thirth support act is still in your mind. I already forgot all bad support acts I saw for LP. ;)


But again crazy woman: Linkin Park are musicians, not managers or business people that choose their support acts. Lol :d Were people get these logics from? I'm a musician myself, and I got a few stephs into the business and right now. I'm lookin for another hobby because afther the smile on tv there is big stress and ear damage.

Well, this was actually a Project Revolution show and Chester said in a Finnish interview that he likes all the support bands. He did explain how much work and preparation it takes to get a tour going but also that it´s easy to put a tour together when all you have to do is to start off with a list of bands that you like.


I don´t think I really came to think that Die Antwoord´s show would upset people alot. Maybe alot of people either liked them or didn´t care or didn´t take it all so seriously.

I´d quess, though, that even though LP could choose the upport acts, they can´t/don´t want to really tell them what kind of show they can/can´t do? The propably don´t even see them play because they are backstage or not arrived when the other bands play. And it also might be that they don´t think people might get upset about this kind of thing?


(edit: Sari, was it you that I talked to? There was a woman with two girls who came to talk to me once in a while as I was waiting outside the venue and gave me chocolate :)

FinnPete, I talked with many people, but had no chocolate with me so it couldn't have been me that you talked to. Sorry!

In general, the point for my complain came from my 13 y/o: "Wonder why they had that kind of show even there were so many younger people?". And I guess, also you FinnPete met some young LP fans among the crowd.


Lode, silly, isn't it, but I guess that stupid band really ruined my mood and my evening, if even LP couldn't fade it away. But starting to forget now, that I can listen LP music at home. :)

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