For me and in my opinion, A Thousand Suns is the next phase in the evolution of Linkin Park that started on Minutes to Midnight.  A decade after Hybrid Theory the members of the band have grown, matured, and changed as a ground and individuals.  Their music has reflected this.  For every person who rejects the new album there is a person who would have blasted them for putting out the same old thing if they had went back to the formula from Hybrid Theory and Meteora.  When I first heard Wretches and Kings then Blackout I was taken aback, it wasnt what I expected but instead of just going "wow, thats not the LP I know.." I decided to listen again and again and they grew on me.  When i listened to the album in its entirety for the first time they fell together with everything else and I realized these aren't songs intended for a passive casual listener to just pick up as a single.  It was meant to be experienced as a collection or better yet look at the album as one massive song that has elements that can be pointed at as individual songs but really fit better as a collective.  Since picking the album up I haven't put it down.  I've tried to switch over to listen to other stuff a number of times and I end up right back listening to A Thousand Suns.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and feelings about the album I just ask that those who don't like it at least respect it as an evolution and growth for the band and recognize the leap the band took doing this album and putting out what they wanted and felt needed to be put out.  For me, this album has impacted me in a way I can't honestly say another album has impacted me, it sticks with me and has impacted my work flow and creativity in a really positive way, A Thousand Suns on some level tapped into a part of me and motivated me in a way I haven't been motivated in some time.  Every time I listen to the album I get new ideas and concepts for my next project (I do video production, motion graphics, and special effects).  I thank Linkin park for pushing through and releasing this album and invite anyone judging the album based on one or two songs to at least sit down and listen to the album beginning to end once, if after doing so you still don't like it then as Chester put it find something you like.

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i agree .
this is a great evolution for linkin park .
with new ideas
new sounds
but it continues being the best

Listening to ATS changed the way i look at things made me look from the 'we' view instead of 'me' view.
In the beggining, they used to talk about paranoia, about pain and individual suffering...10 years from that point and now their songs are about world peace....they have matured from chores of teenage problems and now focus on the bigger picture...moved on from imaginary pain that resides in our brains to the sufferings and cure of the real world...This attitude is reflected in ATS, and it has its effects on other words, it helped me forget the heartache my girl used to cause me every now and then.. i havent moved on from her, but i have moved on from this kiddish breakup patchup stuff...


Furthurmore, it gave me confidence to not being afraid when being be explore new territories, to expand our boundries. I think, this is what an album can achieve at completely changed me from inside out...yes!And now i am a true linkin park fan. I was their True fan even before listening to ATS, but i used to like the nu-metal guitar and the screams more than the hidden meaning of their music..., but now i love linkin park for what they are... AWAY FROM THE REST, YET THE BEST \m/


A Thousand Suns is the most refined and perfect piece of music i have ever heard (our will hear) in my life.! Love you guys!!!!

Just signed up to say here: A thousand suns is the most brilliant album ever to be made so far! If you know all the backgrounds on all the speeches they've 'sampled' (or in better words: gave a soundtrack), you'll know this album is about more then some insecure feelings any teenager(or adult for that matter) would have. On MTM they already started getting political, but here they've taken it to a whole new level. I can't get enough of the album.


Good job on the cover art as-well btw! Can't wait for the next video to come out!!! (No seriously, I can't wait, please fix us up already!!!!).


Oh and too all the people who keep crying about this not being metal: Sucks too be you [all locked up in a mind frame that keeps you from living in todays world]

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