Hybrid Theory and Meteora were pretty big influences on me when I was growing up. I didn't like the direction they were going in Minutes to Midnight but I actually didn't think it was too bad of an album. There were a bunch of songs that I could listen to and enjoy. After giving A Thousand Suns 2 playthroughs in my opinion this album is pure garbage. I understand that they want to try new things but the music just fails. Take Linkin Park's name away from the album and ask me to listen to it not knowing who it was and I would say this music is terrible. I feel like too many people are defending Linkin Park because they do not want to come to the realization that Linkin Park is going downhill. This album feels emotionless, I don't feel anything when listening to it.

I'm extremely depressed and feel betrayed.

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Well if you're depressed then I suggest some therapy. Also, if you don't like Linkin Park, then why are you here. PLEASE go get some therapy.

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There are plenty of other discussions going about ATS.  Thanks!


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