After reading a few of the other posts, I felt the need to stand up for a band that has produced some of the most original, creative and emotionally atune music in the past 10 years.  

The music of LP has always challenged those who would try to place it neatly in boxes labeled “nu-metal” and “rap/rock”; pushing pre-conceived, type-cast boundaries and demanding respect as unique artistry. A Thousand Suns is no different.  The rock lovers say it’s too soft, while everyone else tries to pick out the influences they hear – everything from “Indian” to “tribal” to “dancehall” – as proof of why nothing is original.


As Chester so rightly puts it in “Blackout”: “Are you listening?!”….. I am.

A Thousand Suns has the razor-sharp melody lines, the heavy riffs, the diamond-like electronic ambiance, and the raw emotion that we’ve all come to know and love from LP. If you’ve been listening to the narrative of the last few albums, you’ll see that ATS is also a natural progression in their music. If Minutes to Midnight was the aching, desperate cry of a nation (and a band) trying to make sense of the senselessness of war and disaster, then A Thousand Suns is a rallying call for redemption and the hope embodied in the dawn of a new day. This is the inventive sound of a band empowering itself in the face of the ups and downs it has shared with fans, “the future gazing out, the past to override”. It is a new beginning, with a new perspective and a global sound. It is so much more than “rap/rock”.

Have a second listen (or a third or fourth). Listen without judgment.

To The Members of LP:

More power to you. Keep doing what you’re doing. There are many of us fans who GET IT, and will continue to support you wherever your musical path may lead.  

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I've had my say on this album about 30 times already so I'm left with nothing except: hear, hear!
Pun intented.
"produced" some of the most creative in past tense..let me clear this up "A band that now produces things so complex to themselves and lacking fundamentals of good music, that is is simply - not good." ....good intentions, wrong formula...its no good
Dex it also is not about "getting the point" is about making good songs..regardless of the point..the point is the music isnt that good, i dont care what kind of message they send ( and i dont think anybody else does either judging from this forum).
I'm sorry Shawn, but I don't see nearly as many negative opinions as good opinions on here.
I don't really mind if you disagree with me.
I don't really care if you don't like it even though I do.
I am just inspired by those who do like it.
We don't agree, fighting about that is not going to resolve anything, and either is trying to convince someone else not to like it.
You opinion is exactly that, so thanks, have a nice day! :)
Hi Shawn, Thanks for responding. I understand that we have differing opinions about the new album, and I respect your right to have an opinion that is different from mine. Life would be colourless if we were all the same.

I also really appreciate that you are rational in your arguments. There are too many people on the board who are posting overly-dramatic and hateful comments.

My message to them is simple: If you have something constructive to add to the conversation - which does not include the obvious immaturity in "Linkin Park Sucks!" - then please contribute. Otherwise, this is certainly NOT the venue for pre-pubescent whining.
ATS was well done. I seriously can't stop listening to it. It's just like when M2M came out. People hated it... they posted non-stop about it being a terrible album, yet, it was one of their most successful albums. ATS will be right up there with the other 3 albums. Just give it a second listen before you bash it.
- There are many of us fans who GET IT

Oh, thank you -.-

Music has much to do with lyrics but music is not only about the lyrics...
Thanks Ells! And you're very welcome, Kevin ;).

I know that ATS is not "rock", as we have known and loved it from LP. But it's not really "pop" or "techno" either. It's a hybrid of music. For me, at least, the ability to blend the genres and produce NEW music is at the heart of what LP is all about.

I understand your frustration. I'm not trying to be facetious. I GET IT.

We've never heard anything like it before, and we're not sure we like it. It pushes our boundaries and forces us to take a second or third look at a band we thought we knew. It challenges long-time fans to widen their definitions of acceptable "music", and none of us like to be told what to listen to, or what's good (because we're all musical experts, of course).

But we have to try to look beyond our initial discomfort and respect this album for its amazing originality and creativity.
A big thumbs up to Linkin Park and the fans who agree.

When I pre-ordered the album I had differing opinions of the single Catalyst, but after listenening to the progression of the album understand how/where the songs fits in. Again before the album release we were given another taste Wretches and Kings which I instantly loved, like some older music but with a twist that the complete album has put in to perspective. As LP state in the album booklet it is like a trip, a discovery, a hallucination - and I can't listen to it enough.

To Linkin Park: Awesome work and worth the effort over the 2 or so years to complete. I can not wait to see you guys in Brisbane, Australia on 3rd guys have always, and still do, f&%king rock!!!!!!
Here's the best and most accurate review of the album so far:
Thanks Craig. Z3R0, thanks for responding. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one (as crazy as that may seem) ;).

I think this album is so much more than just "electronic" or "not rock". And who says that you can only like rock or electronic music, but not both??? As if the "rock" music of today was any less over-produced or more real than the "electronic".

After watching the DVD, I can say that I agree that Mike Shinoda had a strong hand in both artistic direction and production. It is also clear that all members of the band experienced periods of both humour and frustration in the process of making the album - as would be expected. Does this mean that Mike is always a controlling and oppressive bandmate? No. Does it mean that everyone was completely happy with every aspect of the end product? No. How could they be? Making an album is a shared process - You give and take.

In the end, what matters most is the integrity of the work, and whether you (the fan) believe that it is true to the image you have of the band. And, perhaps fittingly, the band members are the only ones who will ever truly know.

So I choose to enjoy this new album; as a fan of rock, electronica, anything that dares to be unique and, of course, LP.

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