Lets make this an official review thread to thoroughly explain why one loves, likes, dislikes, or hates the album. Awesome. Let's begin.

I'll start by saying that this isnt he LP of old, and this is not Nu-Metal. But we all knew this was their path when MTM was released. It's clear that, with this new album, and their last effort, that they are doing what they feel comes naturally to them. Mike isnt rapping as much, and is in fact singing much more, and the same can be said for Chester's screaming. So no, LP isn't Nu-Metal, they have progressed past that period, trying to find their voice in something more. This album is it.

Reading other reviewers, it seems that the gerenal consensus is that the band didnt ease its fans into this style. The expectations of the band are high, and everyone wants that rap rock mix of old. I'll agree and say id love to hear some of that shit again. Though did they ease us into the style? Well i dont know how much warning they need to give. They said it several times what they wanted to do with their direction before MTM. The singles released for Transformers was an indication of this. So get used to LP not catering to an old style, and more or less dead genre of music. Put it this way, you want respect? You dont make the same album 4 - 5 times and call it new. Bands that suck cause every song sounds the same? Nickelback? Finger Eleven? But aside from that, i understand the appeal, though professionally it doesnt make sense. You should be proud in my opinion, that they can put something out that isnt balls, despite the fact that it isnt old LP.

The new album

ITs great. The album sory is perfect and flows so well. Feels like the album is centered around 5 or so songs, most providing a great build up to those songs, setting the tone etc. The Martin Luther King track prior to Iridescense is perfect and fucking epic in my mind. But i wont do a track by track review. Blackout is a faveorite, Kings and Wretches too, and of course When they come for me.
This is a beautifully orchastrated album.

There really isnt anything to complain about; In the sense of calling this album "suck" or "bad" or "garbage". On the basis of what? Fitting it into other preogressive albums, where bands make a change to a familiar style, it works perfectly. It framed beautifully, the sounds and lyrics are akin to what LP is all about, there are a few nods to that LP flavour with Chester screaming contrasted against that awesome sound and of course Mike rhyming. Oh and Joe Hahn makes an appearnce in this album thank christ to tie it all together in that way he does.

Overall a 9/10 for me. In the scope of all their records. Its probably the most courageous and adventurous album. But its also their best put together. This isnt an album to be listened to in singles. Meteora was easy for that. But this demands to be listened to cover to cover every time.

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