A Thousand suns is just as good of an album as the first three. they have changed their style completely and i admire them for it and support them one hundred percent. the drum parts a catchy and i admit the guitar parts aren't as heavy as they were which is what i loved, but i saw a new side of mike, he shows off his piano skills and sings more often. If they stuck to their old stuff they will end up like Nickelback, boring and repetitive. To me a thousand suns was a huge success. Rock on LP!

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I really liked 'A Thousand Suns' too. I reckon it does have some of what the older albums had, though, but some new stuff as well.

I don't know if all people would understand the use of the Oppenheimer speech, given how full-on the delivery is - it took me about 3 goes to get past that - but once you just listen to the words and look past its' delivery, you realise that they're quite decent. I don't know what anyone else thinks about that, though. ;)

I would have liked LP to search for some slightly more pleasant sounds for some of the instrumentation on some of the tracks, but other than that I really love it all, musically and lyrically. :)

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