i live in bosnia and i wish meet you and go on your concert,but i dont now how!i dont speak english very well but i trying.every time i think on linkin park.I wake up an listen your songs and when go sleep i also listen your songs.you on my mind all day and all night.i getting older andi think my wish is never to fill up.my dreams is never com true.i am very poor and i cant go on your concerts.i am so unhappy because that.please if somebody have something from linkin park to sent me like present.i wish to writte song for you on english if you want.i have many songs .please writte me in my mail adr.i love you so much and my favorite songs are burn it down,breking the habit,new divide,numb anda many others.love you all and please come here and give me a chance to be happy on your concert. many kisses from bosnia.love you!!!

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