Mike has special bright: I love his style, his creativity and his eyes. they inspirate love for his art and looks very sensitive


Chester is the king of the originality... He has a very strong personality and it makes burn all the LP Energy!


Brad has the perfect mistery... He's so unpredictable and you never expect something normal in him... I love it!


Joe is the "japanese" all the girls want; cute, original and his draws and creativity is the soul of LP... Domo arigato!


Rob keeps the perfection of the band, his personality is awesome specially when he knows how to put that perfection on their music... I love his face when he plays drums!


Phoenix is the best bird of the mythology and like this, he's the personal sign of the Linkin Park Philosophy... Never give up!


Indeed, you're the best band of all the universe and I'm so proud of you guys!! Thank you for paint our souls with your music!

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I like both Mike and Chester's eyes - they both have lovely ones, and lovely faces in total, I think, and I like Pheonix's beard and it's colour and the way he stands when he's got his bass on - it's a cool stance. I am just new to looking at pics/vids of the band, I've been only a listener to them for many years, so I couldn't say anything much about the other band members, unfortunately. I like their senses of humour on the vids I've seen - I like a bit of good fun.


And I love Chester's lovely heart and thoughts and the way he can put such real feeling into his beautiful singing and awesome screaming, and Mike's good thinking, perceptiveness, great rhymes and good intentions. And of course that Rob, Brad, Phoenix and Joe help them put their words and meaning across so wonderfully with their music.


Of course, all of Linkin are so creative in their different ways, and beautifully so, and they work so well together to the benefit of the rest of us - thanks for doing that, Chester, Mike, Brad, Joe, Phoenix, Rob! I agree with LP's Daughter, thankyou for painting our souls with your music - it is a beautiful painting - and for your helpful lyrics. I am very grateful for them. :-)


Have a nice one, Linkin, and LP's Daughter and all the other fans too :-) :-) :-) :-)



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