Mike Shinoda said yesterday the new album will be out on the fall of 2010; what do you think about that? 2 years to record an album, it's this the reason of making an awesome recording?

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ready for ************:D
Alexander Lloyd said:
have they even titled it yet

Mike's blog post from the other day:
"Quick LP update..
We’ve almost picked the songs for the album. Almost picked a title. Almost confirmed an album cover. It always seems like these things get confirmed in a couple of days…why is that?

Anyway, I’m living the studio, on trail mix and coffee. What day is it?"
@Babar Malik:
ok, I admit u that u have a good taste in music, but u don't have a good taste in writing comments.
Isn't your comment annoying for anyone's eyes ???
u'd better learn replying someone before u write one !
I just hope chester sounds betr now he sounds like all emo-ish i heard blackbirds song it wasnt that good , i hope the other songs will kick ass .
yeah I hope this too)) can't wait to hear the album and hope that it"ll be released this year not December 2012 xD
Linkin Park should be releasing their instrumentALS..abt the album wtf thats great!!
khairuleven said:
Linkin Park should be releasing their instrumentALS..abt the album wtf thats great!!

i am waiting for this to come
plse bring it on !
yeah dat is the only reason der songs are awesome

english tour dates confirmed,tickets 4 sale.
in manchester at the M.E.N arena on nov 4th.
i assume the new album will have been released by then and that the name of the tour will mirror the album title.
loved the direction they took with MTM.if only it was minutes until the release of the new record.

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