First off let me say that that was so awesome last night I dont even know where to begin. . . 


My wife was lucky enough to have been invited to the meet and greet and we met some super awesome people while waiting for her to go meet the band!   We can't wait to see the M&G photos as hers did not turn out as well as we had hoped :-(.  The flag she brought is goona look so awesome framed and hanging on our wall as well as the signed picture and her pass!


I managed to get up to the front on stage right and manage bout 200 pictures of the show as well as some videos.  During the show Mike threw a guitar pick rightr to me when i yelled his name as he was tossing them into the crowd, then at the end of the show I yelled at Rob as he was tossing drum sticks out and he lobbed it right into my waiting hands! What an amazing night for both of us!


If anyone else here was at the show or the meet and greet and wants to see my pictures and stuff ad me on facebook Jeremy Mahn or my wife Julie Hoffarth-Mahn, as I would love to see what pictures you all managed to get!.  I hope the girl that got the set list last night is a member here as i would love to have a copy of it, she got the list and was gone before i could even ask for a picture of it!


Anyways thats my rant!~ Thanx for a kick ass show LP cant wait till nexx time!



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Hey man, 


What a show, eh? I was standing about 10 feet on the right of the stage, it was the highlight of my year by a long shot :)

Unfortunately, my pictures didn't turn out well either, as my camera wasn't working well and the videos I took on my ipod had sound glitching because the mic couldn't handle it.


Anyway, my friend took much better pics and videos, so do you mind if I facebook you and we exchange pictures/vids?



the show was unrealll, so much energy and everyone into it/standing up. cant wait till they come back!

Those are some pretty sweet pics!!!


I had the most amazing night ever. I got to do the meet and greet again. I met the guys for the first time in 2004 with Make a Wish. I wrote them all letters, since I knew the time during the M&G is brief, and gave them their letters. I was one of the last people to go through and Rob came over right after and thanked me for my letter.


After the group photo I saw Chester reading my letter behind the 'linkin park' banner and yelled 'thanks for reading my letter, chester!!" he smiled and waved.


From that point I was on cloud nine. I somehow managed to make my way back up to the front row with my friends in the pit (it helps when you have amazing friends!). Then halfway through Irridescent my night got better than I ever expected, Chester said "This is for Chelsey" and finished the song. Wow. I didn't believe my ears! My friends confirmed it, and now various youtube videos confirm it. He really did say that!!!


He saw me in the front row a few songs later and blew me a big kiss.


These guys are the nicest I've ever met. They're so genuine. I'm getting a tattoo later today of 'let it go' on my right wrist. The quote from Irridescent is "remember all the sadness and frustration and let it go". And I can very much relate to that. I need to let go of the sadness and frustration I hold on to everyday for going through cancer treatment. And one day I will. But for now I'll tattoo it on my wrist as a daily reminder to just let it go.



Yeah, it was pretty amazing. I've been to better concerts but this was still awesome. I have a question for downloading the live album. I purchased my ticked from stubhub, can I still get the live album?

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