Alice In Chains singer, Layne Staley, is still dead.

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I really debated starting this when the new site went up, but no one would have remembered it.  And Dave's thread too, but I haven't talked to Dave since MySpace was still current.  

Dave? Not sure if I remember who that is.

Nice to see you, btw. =P

Dave was Obsidian, and it was Dave's Thread for Self Mutilation or something along those lines. It was in the Lyricist's Corner.

I'll be here pretty regularly again, things have finally calmed down for me :)

Ohhh I remember Dave. He'd always put the D with the little slash through it.

It seems that Sparkart no longer does the website, what happened there if you know?

I don't know all the details, just that they wanted to go in a new direction with the website so it was more than just a messageboard. Never thought I'd say it, but I miss Sparkart haha. I'm not real huge into social networking, and I liked the simplicity of it. And call me old school or whatever, but I loved having a join date and post count :p

Yeah. I think they could have better implemented everything together on the site and kept the old VBulletin forums so they didn't lose the community they had. I can't even remember my join date and last post count.

No idea what my post count was, but I know I had a 2001 join date, I think it was August maybe? And I really miss all the debates everyone used to have, there were some serious discussions going on. Lots of people made really good points backed up great research as well as personal beliefs. That's something that is definitely missing on the new site. It seems like a lot of members now are only about posting about the band (which I get, hey it's their fan website lol) but I miss the seriousness a lot of original members brought.

On a sidenote, more in line with AIC. What do you think of their newest two albums? I just found out they released their second album with William Duvall. I enjoyed the first one, listening to the second at the moment. What d'you think of 'em?

I really got into the first one, but I haven't listened to the second one yet. I saw them a couple of years ago, and it was cool hearing everything live, even if it was Duvall, and you could tell he was more comfortable with the new stuff. He's gotten a lot better since then, and I think is finding his own voice within the band. There is still enough of Cantrell that they sound like the older stuff, which is good for me. And I give Duvall a ton of credit for tackling my favorite song, Love Hate Love. He was no Layne, but he did it justice.

What else are you listening to these days? I need new music haha.

Yeah. I like Duvall. I think he's got a bit of Layne in his stylings. I enjoyed the first new album and thought what I had heard of the second was pretty good. The only thing I wish that music, in general, would do is tone back the noise shit. The post-production "loudness war" garbage.

I'm basically just listening to random stuff. Using Shoutcast stations while I'm online or whatever. One band that I do really like is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I don't really have any perspective on how well known they are, so I dunno if you've listened to them before. Oh, and I know you're into AiC, but not sure if you're into other grunge/former grunge bands, but I really liked Soundgarden's new album too.

Whoa, been a minute.

I definitely like most of the 90's grunge/alternative music.  Although I never really got into Pearl Jam, not sure why though.

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