So i've been fighting what seems to be a losing battle when finding the right formula to producing a LP style song. I know that my equipment is a long way off they equipment that most bands use, but i should still be able to get some decent results with my set-up.
You hear a lot of huge guitar walls in LP's earlier stuff ( Meteora, HT) and i've been reading a lot of stuff about how to go accomplish such a sound. Ideas like tracking the same guitar parts 3 or 4 times, panning them hard right and left to create the foundations of the sound, then adding elements like heavy compression/limiting along and parallel compression and blending all the signals together. EQ'ing out the muddy frequency's so your left with a nice crisp distortion pumped up to a loud perceived volume in both left and right channels. This combined with a meaty bass guitar occupying the centre frequency's with the 100Hz - 150Hz boosted, should supposedly create the huge guitar effect that LP successfully master.

All i seem to get by following this is either a muddy sound or there is just no kick, Nothing compared to the sudden change in dynamic that an LP track achieves (Think guitars in the 'Faint' chorus, compared to the toned down verse)

Anyone any tips at all on how to go about cleaning the sound up and getting that huge guitar sound?


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