:) hey.

There was this really old tune rapped by Mike Shinoda, I believe under heir artist name Xero or something?
It goes a bit like this;

You can hear a female newsreporter in the beginning, she's explaining what she's seeing all around her, everyone's apparantly dead.
Then Mike starts rappin something and sometimes in between you can hear electronic sound saying "superxero". He sings something like "just another story, just another (blabla), for all you little boys and girls.. brainspiller!" 

something like that haha xD I might be possibly way off with the lyrics, but thats what I thought I heard back in the days, I was pretty young haha.
I really wish someone somehow could help me find that track back. I've never found it back. I was really young when I first heard it on the internet, but I know it was Shinoda and it was definitely something from xero.

Please please pleaaaase :D help me find this track haha i will love you lot forever really :]
thanks in advance!


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Check the Xero Demo Mixtape by LP

unfortunately it's not on the xero demo mixtape :(


it's not M.S. i know but the words you remember and other stuff... just listen to it :)

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