Hi Linkin whats up??

2 years ago, 15/11/10 you performed at the yarkon park in israel, i wasnt at the concert unfortunetly, but a few of my friends was, and they said it was an unforgetable experience!

ive seen a lot of a phone cam videos on youtube from the show, and I almost shot my self in the head for being stupid enough to not go.

ever since then ive been waiting for LPI(Linkin Park Israel) to announce about a second concert in israel, cause i swear, this time i will be there with from row tickets!!

you can see here the partition for bringing you back:


in the old LPI page that was closed after the concert there were 6000 likes, one of the largest in israel, and in the concert there were about 16-000 to 18-000 people!

in the current LPI page there is almost 3000 likes, im one of them, and if you get an hebrew translator you can see the post and how much people are excited and just waiting for you to come back for a second concert!!

and for myself, being in a linkin park cocert its a life long dream of mine, i havnt have many of my dreams come true, but if you come again, this one will come true!!

waiting for you in israel,


thanks for reading

video from the concert:


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