Can someone please explain WHY OH WHY does Scotland always get let out of any tours in the UK – this is the second tour in a row that we have been snubbed.


I think you've got the Pearl Jam disease as they have been doing the same thing in recent tours everywhere in the UK but Scotland.


Anyone else feeling aggrieved???

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I really cant afford to go down south this year for it and im at Uni all the week, so yep pretty dissapointed :(
I wouldn't speak too soon, cos they have loads of days off in the UK. A Scottish date might get added during the next announcement.
I reallt hope so! Another one for London...
crap. i bought tickets for birmingham, i live way closer to there but love the o2. oh well... the o2 standing did sell out VERY quickly. there are still loads of standing tickets for birmingham.
Crap!! How can that be - think of the cost of travelling to London or Birmingham, hotels, flights etc. Then the need for days off work. You should be thankful imagine it the other way round for you coming up here all the time.

SCOTLAND does get a very raw deal, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Motley Crue, ZZ TOP, Aerosmith, Ozzfest etc etc all played or will be playing ENGLAND, IRELAND over the next few months but not coming up here.

Possibly due to the release of the Lockerbie bomber by that bunch of twits the SNP that's why we are being SNUBBED by every big American group.

Thoughts on that please
I think you misunderstood what i was saying.
Yeah totally agree. Come on guys get the tour bus on the road to Scotland. The crowds are awesome as you know!!!!
I am, i said exactly the same thing on their facebook page, Scotland is part of the U.K too, so it's an ENGLISH tour NOT a U.K tour!!!
Yeah they added a show in Newcastle but thats still far away i dont get how they cant go to Glasgow or even Aberdeen . Its really unfair to Scottish Fans they have a great deal of fans up here. :[
I feel your pain in Vancouver! Linkin Park never comes her - what a shame. It seems that this is certainly a big enough venue. I'd even go to Seattle, but they aren't going there either.
These bands think that England IS the UK, they really need some Geography lessons! Shocking!
Woah, England isn't the UK? Are you serious? Hell Even I thought it was....

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