Just wanted to say:

I've always been a massive fan ever since your first single. But your latest album.....for me, was a disappointment for the most part =/

I'm all for trying new things and new styles and new forms of expression....but I s...eriously fear that you're loosing the image of Linkin Park that you spent years
founding and building upon, and not only distancing yourselves from that
image/persona, but also distancing yourselves from those very fans that
fell in love with your music and continued to do so from day 1.

Chester has some amazing vocals and the best screamo voice around in my
opinion.....why not use it?!?! I also can't really find any segment in a
song on the new album where I can say "That's a definitive guitar riff,
people will be humming that wherever I go."

Needless to say, I'm still going to follow you guys, but I really wish you'd remember your
roots and while exploring new grounds as far as music goes is, and how
healthy and fresh it is....it's no good if you ignore your grass roots
and leave them behind.

You're a rock group, and a bloody amazing one at that. So lets see more of it?


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Nobody has an opinion??
I do have to agree with you on that one, and i really liked the new album. I just think it would be great to see more of the old stuff that we could mosh out to, i mean let's be honest, you can't exactly mosh to "the catalyst" now can you

I am a huge fan of the material that LP produced in Hybrid Theory. I mean, who could possibly grow tired of listening to tracks like In The End and Crawling when HT was fresh and out and about? Those two tracks just screamed Linkin Park to the world! It was LP's HT that got me to liking this genre of music. Now, with ATS it might seem that you are listening to a completely different band, and though that may be the case much to the dismay of "hardcore" fans, I never felt dissapointed with this album. I really liked the fact that they didn't just stick to what they know they're good at, though that's not to say that they had no idea what they were getting into with softer material. Two of my most favorite tracks off the album are Iridescent and Robot Boy, which are very different from tracks like Numb or Breaking the Habit, which I also like. In short, LP has not let me down at all. They're still going strong and for those that desperately want to hear LP do something much more original-sounding to HT material, who knows, maybe someone'll ask them to record a soundtrack for an upcoming movie and they might agree to do it... just for the fans.

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