Like have they been confirmed and officially announced? Because I haven't seen them anywhere besides Wikipedia, and I got really excited about them because one of the dates was in my town. haha

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1. Wikipedia isn't NOT an official encyclopedia.  Nothing, no matter how true and accurate it may seem, even if it is, should never be taken in as 100% perfect.  Wikipedia is built by people that use the internet.


2. Any and all Linkin Park dates will be posted and/or announced on the front and left side of the main page.  As of this time Projkt Revo is not part of any touring cycle for this year.



I know Wikipedia isn't official and I know pretty much everyone can edit it. But it was a full tour schedule, like complete with the lineup and everything. I thought it couldn't be completely true since it wasn't on the website, but I don't understand why somebody would troll and make a full schedule to get everybody's hopes up hahahahh

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