Are women with distinctly masculine look attracted to men ?

Looking at the photos of Chester bride can answer this question affirmatively. In addition to facial features that would not be  ashamed of many  Drag Queens, she has a clearly masculine attribute that is called: Adam's apple.

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I don't think she looks masculine at all, facially or bodily ;P As for women who look masculine going for men or not: I reckon some do, some don't :D :) ;P Have a nice one :) :) :)

Even if Talinda Bennington was not a very attractive person (which she is) I don't understand the point in making negative comments about anyone's physical appearance.  What exactly are you trying to gain?  Does it make you feel better about yourself, somehow?  Truly, this seems like fifth-grade behavior which leads me to think that is approximately the mental and emotional level at which you remain.  Actually, I hope that isn't true as I have worked very hard to insure that my own fifth-grader is kinder and more introspective than that.  If only your parents had been as concerned...


I apologize to the forum for bumping this back to the top but I really couldn't let it go unchallenged. 

wtf? whats the point? she is beautiful and makes our Chazzy happy :D thats all that matters!
Sorry, I don't see the big deal here...

jani J said: I don't understand the point in making negative comments about anyone's physical appearance. .


What other categories you can judge a woman whose only achievement in life is

a video  titled "Sexy College Girls." Personally, I have not watched this "work of the film art ",

but I can read about it on the internet and it is defined as a porn movie. I think more people saw Talinda's private parts live, than watched the greatest one of her "artistic" achievement.


When I was reading Talinda Bennington's posts on Twitter,I reminded of the lyrics of the Aqua sing "Barbie World": "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic ". That what she have written on Twitter suggests that she is the sweetest girl in the world. I wonder how someone who appeared in an erotic lesbian film can have this naive view!

Like most people who admire Chester's vocal and interpretive talent, I believe that the relationship with a woman of such limited horizons of thought is the worst thing happened in his whole life.


Unfortunately, the relationship with the plastic candy girl limited Chester mentally , and this is a killer for the artist, , because only by beating the barrier can develop. This little sweet girl is trying to remove them all and thus creates the unreal world of his plastic illusion.

jani J said:

 Truly, this seems like fifth-grade behavior which leads me to think that is approximately the mental and emotional level at which you remain..


If someone set up an account on the website of the LP, to post in only one debate, must be  Talinda's close friend . 

She didn't write this personally because her posts on Twitter show that, she is too infantile, but I suppose  a little bit smarter friend of her, must impersonate jani J.

Pity that you are so naive to believe that someone did not guess who you really are

Good god, you are batshit crazy.

I was thinking about replies as I read Peggy's last two posts but then when I read Avo's comment I realized that it really couldn't be stated much better than that. Well said, Avo, well said.

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